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It’s more than relief, it’s healing with a holistic approach in Laguna Beach CA that treats the whole you.

Heal Your Whole Self

We help you live the lifestyle you want, naturally.

Established in 1987, we’ve honed a unique approach to care with a holistic approach: The 4 Systems Approach. With this system, we look at your: structural wellness, biochemical wellness, emotional wellness, and electromagnetic wellness. When all four systems are working together in harmony, your health is in balance.

We’ve seen thousands of patients go onto happier, healthier and a more vibrant version of themselves through this approach.

Our care philosophy is deeply rooted in empowerment. We don't simply diagnose; we embrace your entire self and your life as integral components of your health journey. And, our mission is to empower every patient to become a better, happier, and healthier version of themselves through holistic care that addresses your mind, body, and spirit.

We take the time to truly understand your individual goals and needs and craft a fully personalized care plan that is as unique as you are.

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At our practice, you're not just a patient; you're a cherished member of our extended family. We believe in your potential for transformation, and our mission is to help you unlock it.



There are four primary governing systems in the body that integrate and depend on each other to be fully functional. Health is enjoyed when all these systems are in balance and working ideally.

The Four Main Systems Of The Body Are:

When one system gets stressed or out of balance, it can negatively affect all other systems and lead to degeneration disease and processes and physical and emotional pain. Our treatment approach considers all four systems of your body so that you can take control of your health and become a better you.

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Structural Treatments

Every bodily function is under the control of the brain and nervous system, which is protected by the spinal column and vertebrae. When vertebrae become misaligned or do not move correctly, it is called a subluxation. This interferes with the nerve energy transmission to and from the cells, tissues, organs, and muscles. This adversely affects the health of all body systems. The objective is to remove spinal subluxation by implementing non-invasive, gentle adjustments by our chiropractor in Laguna Beach, decreasing the obstructions by restoring motion, and improving functional limitations.

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Structural Treatments Practiced at Health In Balance Include:

Chiropractic treatments offer a natural remedy for a wide range of common ailments. Chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. Through precise spinal adjustments and manual techniques, chiropractic care helps alleviate discomfort, improve mobility, and restore overall well-being.

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Spinal decompression involves gently lengthening and decompressing the spine, creating healthy negative pressure within the discs. Negative pressure helps reposition bulging discs and puts them back into their natural position, which alleviates pressure placed on nerves and allows for nutrients, oxygen, and fluids to flow into the spine again. While lying on the decompression therapy table, we combine cold low-level laser therapy for greater results and benefits.

Learn more about spinal decompression here.

A system, which evaluates structural, biochemical, emotional, and electromagnetic aspects of health. It employs manual muscle testing combined with other standard methods of diagnosis.

Shockwave is a non-invasive, highly effective treatment method for pain that promotes accelerated repair of injured soft tissue, bone, heel, and joint pain.The treatment is utilized to treat a variety of issues including plantar fasciitis, back pain, neck pain, foot, heel, and ankle pain, achilles, stress fractures, knee pain, scar tissue, tendon pain, hamstring pain, shoulder pain, and more!

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Your child's nervous system orchestrates vital functions like blood circulation, brain activity, and bone development. However, stress and spinal misalignment can disrupt this harmony, potentially impacting your child's overall health, behavior, and growth. Whether it’s a sports injury or health concern, we offer a gentle, non-invasive approach to address these concerns proactively. By tackling these issues early on, we aim to provide the necessary support for your child to enjoy a pain-free and successful childhood.

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Pregnancy chiropractic care is a specialized form of chiropractic treatment tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers. It focuses on promoting the well-being and comfort of pregnant women throughout their pregnancy journey. This specialized care includes gentle spinal adjustments and manual techniques designed to address the musculoskeletal changes that occur during pregnancy. By ensuring proper alignment of the spine and pelvis, pregnancy chiropractic care aims to alleviate discomfort, reduce pain, enhance overall mobility, support optimal fetal positioning and aid in a smoother labor and delivery process.

Pregnancy chiropractic care is a safe and natural approach that prioritizes the health and comfort of both the mother and the developing baby during this transformative period.

Learn more about prenatal chiropractic care here.

  • Diversified Technique
  • Activator Technique
  • Thompson Technique
  • Webster Technique
  • Motion Palpation Coupled Motion Adjustments
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Rehabilitation System
  • Arthrostim
  • Active Release Technique
  • Percussion Therapy
  • Turbosonic Vibration Therapy


Tissue & postural rehabilitation is a cornerstone of healthcare, playing a vital role in recovery and management of numerous conditions,including sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, chronic pain, and more.

Through tailored exercise programs, manual techniques, and modalities like shockwave, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, our Physical Medicine Assistants aim to restore physical function, reduce pain, and enhance overall quality of life.

Patients suffering from arthritis, whiplash, or stroke-related limitations often benefit from this patient-centered approach. The advantages are wide-ranging, encompassing improved mobility, enhanced strength and flexibility, faster recovery times, and injury prevention.

Embrace the potential for healing through tissue & postural rehabilitation and take charge of your path to optimal physical health and well-being.

 Learn more about tissue & postural rehab treatments here.

The DMS uses percussion and mechanical vibrations, to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, loosening contracted muscles and fascial scar tissue and stimulating weak, flaccid muscles.

Learn more about Deep Muscle Stimulation here. 

Graston Technique® is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

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This technique is used to restore optimal texture, motion, and function of the soft tissue and release entrapped nerves, muscles or blood vessels.

Ultrasound machines utilize high or low-frequency sound waves that are transmitted to the surrounding tissues.

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A supportive modality that reduces over extension and over contraction of the muscle thereby speeding up the healing time of an injured muscle.

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Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice of Acupuncture recognizes an extensive network of over 2,000 distinct points on the body. Its legacy stretches back over 2,500 years, a testament to its enduring efficacy.

At our Laguna Beach chiropractic clinic, we are proud to collaborate with Dr. Bree Simon, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist, whose expertise enriches our holistic approach to wellness, providing you with comprehensive care that addresses not only the physical, but also the energetic and emotional aspects of your health journey.

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Deep Tissue Therapy

We offer therapeutic massage performed by our highly trained licensed massage therapists. Massages stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. When done in conjunction with our other structural treatments, it provides lasting relief. Massage allows you a quiet time to focus on yourself and become more connected to your body.

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Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage technique that targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues in the body. It involves firm pressure and slow, deliberate strokes to alleviate chronic tension, pain, and discomfort.

Cupping massage combines the traditional practice of cupping with the benefits of massage therapy. This suction action gently lifts the skin and underlying tissues, promoting a range of physical and emotional benefits.

CBD massage combines the benefits of massage therapy with the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) oil or topicals. During a CBD massage, a trained therapist applies CBD-infused oil or lotion to the skin and incorporates it into the massage session. This unique fusion offers a range of physical and emotional benefits.

Biochemical Treatments

The biochemical system is composed of digestion, immune response, hormones, and other natural, chemical processes and responses in the body. We utilize a range of assessments to gain a deep understanding of your unique biochemical makeup. This information helps us identify any underlying issues that might be causing stress to your body and impeding its natural healing processes.

Our approach is firmly grounded in science. We use scientifically formulated supplements, carefully blending herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more to provide precise nutritional support.

Your journey to better health is personal, and we're here to assist you in finding the right path. Let's work together to help you regain balance and unlock your body's natural capacity for healing.

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Dietary changes and nutritional supplements are used to balance the body's supply of specific nutrients that may be out of balance due to diet, functional physiological imbalances, or individual reactions to stress. We use scientifically formulated supplements that are precise blends of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional components. We also help patients with dietary protocols to support their bodies' needs and healing process.

Using applied kinesiology and other techniques as well as laboratory testing, our doctors help to identify food intolerances and allergies that are negatively impacting the patient’s body. This can cause digestive upsets, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, sleep challenges, anxiety, and more.

We help patients to determine what is causing gastrointestinal distress or discomfort. Through a variety of diagnostic tests and examinations, we determine the root cause of the problem and begin to rebuild gut health through supplementation, lifestyle changes, and customized nutritional protocols.

We help many patients who suffer from low bone density, especially when it affects the effectiveness of oral surgery. We help determine why the patient’s bone density is low in the first place. Once we determine the root cause, we then prescribe a supplementation and lifestyle protocol to increase bone density.

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • Food Allergies Testing – Food Antibody Profiles
  • NutrEval Testing
  • Adrenal Stress Index
  • Salivary Hormones
  • Stool Analysis
  • SIBO Methane Breath Test
  • Pathway Fit Test
  • Standard Detoxification Profile
  • Comprehensive Detoxification Profile
  • Intestinal Permeability Assessment

Facing a cold, flu, or navigating the complexities of an autoimmune condition? You're not alone; we're here to walk this healing journey with you.

Our dedicated team of doctors starts by recommending precise diagnostic tests to uncover the root causes of your health challenges. But that's just the beginning; it's about building a supportive community around you.

Together, we'll craft a holistic approach to strengthen your immune system, one that incorporates supplementation, nutrition, and specialized treatments. But it doesn't stop there; we'll work closely with you to tailor a wellness plan that's uniquely yours.

Whether you're seeking relief from a health challenge or aiming to enhance your overall well-being, our community of homeopathic practitioners is here to support you on your journey to vibrant health.

Are you battling persistent health issues or looking for natural remedies? Homeopathy offers a gentle yet effective approach. Our experienced homeopaths will start by deeply understanding your unique health concerns, crafting a holistic plan tailored just for you.

At our center, it's not just about treatment; it's about fostering a sense of community and connection. We're committed to working closely with you, addressing the root causes of your health challenges, and guiding you towards lasting wellness.

Together, we'll explore homeopathic remedies that resonate with your body's innate healing wisdom. These natural solutions can help you find balance and vitality, without harsh side effects.

Facing the challenges of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) can be overwhelming, but you're not alone on this journey. Our community of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing support and guidance as you navigate this condition.

SIBO can bring about a range of digestive symptoms and discomfort. Our specialized SIBO protocol begins with a thorough assessment to understand your unique health situation, ensuring that we address the root causes of your concerns.

But it's more than just treatment; it's about building a supportive community around you. We're committed to working closely with you to create a holistic SIBO protocol that aligns with your individual needs and lifestyle.

Together, we'll explore natural and evidence-based approaches to manage SIBO effectively. Our approach is gentle yet effective, focusing on rebalancing your gut health without causing unnecessary stress.

Our SIBO protocol is a partnership, and we're with you every step of the way. You'll receive personalized dietary recommendations, lifestyle guidance, and ongoing support to help you regain control of your digestive health and achieve a life of vitality.

At our center, we understand that the burden of toxins within the body can hinder our journey to optimal health. Our vital life force is often preoccupied with managing detoxification needs, preventing it from fully expressing itself within our bodies. By embarking on a cleansing journey, we liberate this vital force, allowing it to flow freely. This, in turn, enhances our overall health, slows the aging process, and boosts the regenerative healing capacities of our bodies.

Our detoxification and cleansing programs are thoughtfully designed to support our patients on this transformative journey. We believe in a holistic approach that encompasses the entire body, not just isolated symptoms. Our programs incorporate a dietary protocol and tailored supplementation to assist the body in releasing toxins and promoting healing, not only within the digestive system but throughout the entire body.

This comprehensive approach to detoxification not only addresses specific ailments like digestive issues but also offers a multitude of benefits. It can elevate your energy levels, sharpen mental clarity, facilitate healthy weight management, and fortify your immune system.

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Electromagnetic Treatments

Simply put, electromagnetic treatments use magnets, electromagnets, lasers, needles, and electrical stimulation to stimulate nerve cells for a variety of relief and benefits. Electromagnetic therapies can help you increase your energy, blood circulation, sleep quality and more while reducing pain, promoting relaxation, and supporting your body in its healing journey.

Learn about electromagnetic treatments in depth here

Using the 2,000+ acupuncture points on the body, Acupuncture works to address electromagnetic imbalances in the body by stimulating the nervous system, specifically the parasympathetic nervous system.

At Health in Balance, we harness the incredible power of photonic absorption and cold laser therapy (L.L.L.T.) to bring you cutting-edge healing solutions. Imagine laser light energy seamlessly transforming into chemical energy, setting in motion a remarkable cellular healing journey.

Our cold L.L.L.T. treatments are more than just innovative; they're proven to work wonders. They've been scientifically validated to reduce pain, enhance flexibility, and expand your range of motion. If you're on a post-surgical path or seeking faster burn repair, our therapies can significantly improve healing times.

At Health in Balance, we understand that maintaining healthy cells isn't a passive process; it's an active and vital part of staying vibrant and reducing the effects of aging. After all, the health of our cells directly impacts our overall well-being.

When it comes to achieving optimal cell health, fine-tuning is both feasible and essential. It's a process that can slow down the aging process and lower the risk of cell dysfunction, which, when left unaddressed, can lead to disease.

In just a matter of minutes, we offer a revolutionary solution using pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) to fine-tune your cells. This cutting-edge therapy is not only efficient but has also gained FDA approval through rigorous research and testing.

PEMF treatments can be used proactively to maintain balance in your cells or as part of a holistic approach when imbalances or symptoms are present. In many cases, PEMF treatments, either as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments, have shown the ability to expedite cellular rebalancing.

The benefits of PEMF therapy are vast and encompass a wide range of health improvements. It's been proven to reduce pain, inflammation, platelet adhesion, and the negative effects of stress on the body. Additionally, it enhances energy levels, circulation, oxygenation of blood and tissues, sleep quality, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, nutrient absorption, cellular detoxification, and the regenerative capacity of your cells.

At Health in Balance, we're excited to introduce you to the transformative benefits of E-Stim, a remarkable therapy that utilizes electrical currents to engage and enhance the power of your muscles. This dynamic process can target specific muscle groups, stimulating contractions of varying intensity. As a result, your muscles become stronger, more relaxed, and better supplied with vital blood flow.

E-Stim is incredibly versatile; it serves multiple purposes on your path to healing and well-being. Not only can it effectively decrease muscle spasms and adhesions, but it also accelerates the overall healing process.

One common form of E-Stim is Interferential Current Therapy (IFC). This approach utilizes four electrodes to generate alternating currents with different frequencies. This unique combination creates a harmonious effect that soothes the nervous system, promoting relaxation and supporting the healing process.

In addition, we offer Microcurrent Therapy, a close relative of E-Stim. This innovative therapy employs minuscule amounts of electrical current, closely mirroring the body's natural electrical impulses. The beauty of Microcurrent Therapy lies in its subtlety; patients often find the sensations barely perceptible.

Discover the power of Meridian Point Stimulation, a practice that taps into the body's energy pathways known as meridians. For over 3,000 years, Chinese medicine has harnessed meridian stimulation to address a wide array of health conditions.

From digestive issues to neurological challenges, immune system support to cardiovascular health, and even mental and emotional well-being, meridian stimulation has proven its effectiveness. It's a versatile therapy that also aids in lymphatic health, endocrine balance, hormonal harmony, respiratory function, musculoskeletal wellness, reproductive health, skin radiance, and detoxification.

Our approach to meridian stimulation encompasses various techniques, ensuring we cater to your unique needs. We employ lasers, magnets, and heat to stimulate the meridians. Acupressure, performed by hand or finger pressure, is another method we use. "Ti Shen" introduces an instrument for precise stimulation. While acupuncture, involving small needles, is not offered in our practice.

As we stimulate these energy points, we guide your body back into a harmonious state of balance and health. Join us at Health in Balance to experience the transformative potential of Meridian Point Stimulation, a time-tested practice that connects you with your body's innate ability to heal and thrive.

Emotional Treatments

There is a profound and bi-directional relationship between the mind and body. It's not merely about how emotions affect physical health; it's a dynamic interplay where both mental and physical well-being influence each other.

Emotional imbalances can manifest in various ailments, from anxiety and depression to chronic stress and even physical conditions like digestive disorders and cardiovascular issues.

Conversely, physical health challenges can trigger emotional responses, further underscoring the interconnectedness of mind and body.

Our practitioners specialize in emotional treatments in Laguna Beach, CA, to address this complex relationship comprehensively. We understand that emotional well-being is not solely about reducing stress; it's a catalyst for a cascade of positive effects. Achieving emotional balance can lead to enhanced healing, optimized body function, and improved overall vitality.

By prioritizing emotional health, we aim to help you experience the full potential of this bi-directional mind-body connection. It's about fostering holistic wellness, where mental and physical aspects harmonize to create a more vibrant and balanced life.

Learn about emotional treatments in depth here

Unlock the transformative potential of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), a therapy that combines muscle testing and gentle tapping to address a wide range of emotional and stress-related challenges. At Health in Balance, we recognize that emotions play a crucial role in overall well-being. NET provides an effective pathway to understanding and managing these emotions for a healthier, happier life.

Our approach to NET is firmly grounded in both modern scientific research and a profound understanding of the mind-body connection. It's a marriage of cutting-edge insights and centuries of wisdom regarding the interplay between emotions and physical health.

At Health in Balance, we understand that effective stress management is vital for your everyday well-being. Our approach goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions; we craft personalized plans tailored just for you, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to navigate life's stressors naturally and effectively.

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but how you manage it can make all the difference. Our customized stress management plans empower you to become more aware of your unique stressors. We work together to identify these triggers and develop personalized strategies that suit your lifestyle, preferences, and needs.


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