Suffering From Neck Pain in Laguna Beach CA?

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Many of us experience tightness, achiness and pain in different parts of our bodies. The pain nags at us day in and day out, yet we often push through it and try to ignore it. In doing this, we have misunderstood the language of our bodies. Pain is the body’s way of telling us to pay attention to a certain area and find a solution to the underlying problem. It is an invitation for healing.

According to a recent survey by the American Osteopathic Association, close to 50% of Americans say that pain is simply a part of life. But what if pain doesn’t have to be the norm, what if we can move past the discomfort? The good news is that we can! There are ways to find lasting relief and healing with Laguna Beach CA chiropractors.

The neck is one of the most common areas of pain along with the low and mid-back. Neck pain affects more than 25% of Americans. It is usually associated with abnormal posture and a decreased range of motion in the area. The cause can range from a past injury to overexertion to repetitive unnatural movements.

Solutions for Neck Pain in Laguna Beach CA

The first step in the healing process is to pay attention to the pain. Then we need to identify the cause of the issue and seek correction. If we don’t, further issues can arise down the road. For instance, an untreated neck injury creates many problems in the future. During an injury, tissues are overstretched and the body enters into the repair stage five days after the trauma. For the next twelve weeks, the body lays down tissues to heal the injury. If the area is not kept moving, this scar tissue will harden distorting the normal posture of the neck and decreasing range of motion and circulation to the muscles. Without the proper flow of blood and lymphatic fluid into the area, the muscles get stiffer, lactic acid builds up, and pain follows.

What is the solution? Here at Health in Balance, we offer each patient an extensive plan of care as an effective guide in the healing process. This includes…

  • Spinal Postural X-rays- this initial examination seeks to find the problem causing the pain. From there, a unique treatment program is created to bring restoration.
  • Chiropractic adjustments- where there is movement, there is life. It has been found that a simple adjustment creating movement in the joint can release a muscle spasm in 3 nanoseconds.
  • Graston Technique- an innovative, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that helps break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.The technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.
  • We also combine massage therapy, advanced stretching techniques, corrective postural exercises, hands-on treatments such as the Active Release Technique (ART), and home care activities in order to correct abnormal posture and change harmful patterns in the body.
  • Throughout the healing process, we also recommend taking a relaxing Epsom Salt Bath. It works wonders after a therapy treatment or physical exertion. It helps muscle and nerve function and reduces inflammation and stress.

With a combination of these treatments, long-term transformation can occur and lasting relief from neck pain can be achieved! We want to see you thriving and released to live your most abundant life. Listen to your pain and respond to the invitation for healing!

Listen to Our Patients' Stories of Healing Their Neck Pain:

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