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Research shows that our emotions can directly affect the functionality of our bodies. It is critical to identify the emotional components that are potentially contributing to your health challenge. Through a variety of treatments, our practitioners help to provide emotional balance and relief in Laguna Beach CA in order to decrease the stress that may be hindering healing in your body. Once the emotional system is brought back into balance, it allows the other systems of the body to perform at their optimal level.


Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) uses muscle testing and gentle tapping to facilitate the release of negative emotions causing stress. This is achieved by identifying, connecting to, and letting go of old emotional patterns thus reducing the underlying emotional stressors held in the body. NET is based on a proven combination of the latest scientific research and 3,000 years of Chinese medicine research regarding the mind-body connection.

Chiropractor Dr Gary Arthur Emotional TreatmentsMore information and videos about NET can be found on the NETMINDBODY website.

Be sure to watch the Background Concepts & Dynamics of NET video for an overview and the Latest Scientific Validation-NET Reduces Symptoms of Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors for the research behind the technique.

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Also, check out this study on the Validation of the Mind/Body Paradigm & Muscle Testing: N.E.T Research Study


Stress Management is essential to everyday life for ultimate health and well-being. We customize a plan and provide you with tools necessary to become aware of your stressors, and how to best manage them in a natural and personalized manner.


We have seen many patients healed and restored from a wide range of symptoms through a near-emotional technique.

Check out the stories of Pete, Chad, and even professional surfer & stand up paddle border Gorgio Gomez and how NET and holistic care changed their lives!

Listen to Our Patient's Stories of Healing with N.E.T.


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