Reduce THESE 7 Factors To Help Prevent Cancer In Laguna Beach

Reduce THESE 7 Factors to Help Prevent Cancer in Laguna Beach CA

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Another week is moving right along, and we have the next piece of information for you on preventing and treating cancer in Laguna Beach CA.

Dr. Marcela Dominguez, our Medical Director, has her fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy from the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She has written a series of articles full of insightful information and practical advice to help you make the healthiest choices, whether you are looking to prevent cancer or are in the midst of treatment and healing.

Last week, we posted her first article (and if you missed it, no fear, you can find it HERE!).

The first step in Laguna Beach

Today, we share with you the 7 factors to reduce in order to both help prevent cancer as well as help treat it:

As a summary from my last article, based on an abundance of medical research, cancer appears to be more a consequence of DNA damage coming from mitochondrial dysfunction, or abnormal energy production function, versus us being born with abnormal genes and DNA. The importance of this difference is that we can identify and evaluate what negatively affects the mitochondria in cells from producing energy normally, and we can then eliminate those factors. In other words, there are a number of things we can do to greatly reduce our likelihood of getting cancer, and/or greatly reduce cancer recurrence.

  • The best first step is to determine the health of your mitochondria. There are specialty tests available to measure this. At Health in Balance, we offer the NutrEval test through Genova Diagnostics to evaluate oxidative stress on the body, which directly correlates to mitochondrial function. During a visit with our nurse practitioner, Rachelle, we can provide a kit for you and help determine if your insurance might help cover the cost. Once the results are back, we schedule a follow-up visit to discuss how to improve overall bodily function to reduce oxidative stress.
  • The next step is to reduce factors in your life that can damage mitochondrial function.

The 7 common factors

  • Inflammation, from any source in the body
  • Infections of any kind, but especially chronic infections
  • Radiation exposure - examples include sunlight, medical imaging/therapies, electromagnetic
  • Nutrient insufficiencies specifically needed for proper mitochondrial function
  • Immune dysfunction - autoimmune disorders and allergies are common examples of this category
  • Environmental toxin load - examples include heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning agents, preservatives, additives, fragrances, and smoke
  • Endocrine/hormonal imbalances - including insulin resistance

Take a look at this list and ask yourself if you might have any of these factors present in your body. If the answer is yes, you have an environment that will favor mitochondrial damage over time. At first, the damage can be reversed if you eliminate the triggers causing the problem. But over time, the cells adapt to their changing environment by altering DNA and genetic expression, for example, turning off tumor suppressor genes that help control cell growth, and turn on oncogenes that allow for increased cell growth and avoid cell death. Therefore, the sooner you address these concerns, the more likely you will be able to reverse any damage present.

I also recommend you visit the Environmental Working Group website, to learn more about harmful elements and how to reduce your exposure.

In the following articles, I will discuss each factor mentioned above in fuller detail and provide suggestions on how to identify if you have an issue, how to get a further evaluation with specialty testing, and ways to help eliminate or greatly reduce factors to help restore normal bodily function including normal mitochondrial function.

To your optimal health,

Dr. Marcela Dominguez, MD

Take the necessary steps to live your healthiest life! Schedule a NutrEval Analysis to determine your current cancer risk and what you can do to decrease mitochondrial damage and help prevent cancer.


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