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Whiplash in Laguna Beach CA

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210 million Americans have a driver's license. Sadly, every year over 37,000 people die in road crashes and an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled in accidents across the United States. Those are some staggering statistics, but not surprising.

According to the New York Times, accidents occurring while driving an automobile have risen 14% in the last two years. More drivers are on the road than ever before, people are driving longer distances for pleasure and to work, all increasing the possibilities of accidents. Distracted driving is increasingly becoming a cause of concern as smartphones proliferate across the US, divers are more and more tempted to engage them while driving.

Laguna Beach CA chiropractors see many victims of accidents each year and they know the toll it takes on a person's neck and body.

Accident Impact on the neck in Laguna Beach

All of this has had an impact on the American neck, of the 2.35 million injured each year, much of the blunt impact and force from an accident are sustained in the neck region, causing what is commonly known as whiplash. This injury is often debilitating and can take weeks to years to fully recover from. According to Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2002, more than 50% of those who have whiplash injuries will still have chronic pain 20 years after the injury.

Having been in business for thirty years, Dr. Gary and Lisa Arthur, DC have treated hundreds of whiplash cases and have seen amazing results. In this episode of Lunch with the Doc, Dr. G begins a three-part series on whiplash. This one was filmed at Urth Cafe this past Wednesday, November 8. Enjoy!

P.S. - Drive Safe!


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