Your WHY Has To Be Big Enough In Laguna Beach

Your WHY Has To Be Big Enough In Laguna Beach CA

Chiropractic Laguna Beach CA You WHY Has To Be Big Enough

Your 'Why' has to be big enough to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your health goals. There is a distinct difference between people who follow through and reach their health goals and those who fall off the path and experience the advancing complications of their conditions progressing. The difference is in the 'Why'! It is best if you spell it out in writing. What will your quality of life in Laguna Beach CA be like if you stay the course, take consistent action and achieve the goal, YES! What will it mean to you, your family and your friends? The prize and the price. You have to pay the price to get the prize. What is it really worth to you? If you could write the check or borrow the money right now, how much would you write the check for?

What the future holds in Laguna Beach

Pain is twice as strong of a motivator as pleasure. The pain of the future is the only thing that got Scrooge to finally change his ways. You must imagine what the pain will feel like if you don't get the care you need. What will your life be like if you don't take action? If your problems continue to worsen? Picture seeing yourself in the mirror. Look into your eyes. How do you feel about yourself 5 years, 10 years from now? Ouch! No! I don't want to go there. My life would be miserable.

What if I do vs. what if I don't? Am I willing to pay the price to experience the prize? It's doable. Many others have done it. Am I ready? Is my 'Why' big enough? If it's to be, it's up to me.

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