Why Consistency Trumps Intensity In Fitness In Laguna Beach

Why Consistency Trumps Intensity In Fitness in Laguna Beach Ca

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Today we wanted to share our Lunch with the Doc in Laguna Beach CA from a couple weeks ago. We talked with The Well Fitness owner Brain Wisley and trainer Ryah Arthur all about fitness and health. They gave us some amazing insight into the difference between beneficial exercise and that which is dangerous to the body. They provided us with lifestyle changes in order to see true results.

No Pain, NO Gain, Not Necessarily in Laguna Beach

In the fitness world, we are often told that "if there is no pain, there is no gain" and that if we want to see results, we must push our bodies to the limit. However, this can cause injuries and further damage our bodies down the road. Dr. Gary and Brian agree that we should be doing exercises that strengthen our everyday movement and support proper posture while incorporating nutrition that properly fuels our bodies.

Check out the video above and discover how to get great results without long-term damage!

The Well's 5 Pillars of Fitness: Brian Wisely

  1. Nutrition- "It Is the single most powerful thing you do to your body on a day-to-day basis. If you're not giving it a high priority, you're really missing out on one of the best opportunities to make your life better and create a greater well being." -Brian Wisely
  2. Cardio-Respiratory Conditioning- "There are 2 main reasons why you should do cardio-respiratory conditioning. One, for the health of your brain and two, for the health of your body. When we do cardio, we release endorphins and serotonin, and those are happy chemicals that create well being in our minds. For our bodies, we strengthen our heart muscle and all the muscles involved in respiration, and we send oxygen increasing our health. Consistency trumps intensity." -Brian Wisely
  3. Strength Training- "This is a vital complement to living a healthy life. As we grow older a common ramification is age-related muscle loss, otherwise known as sarcopenia. One way to offset this process is strength training." -Brian Wisely
  4. Flexibility, Mobility and Pliability- "When you work on these, your body will feel better and recover from exercise more easily. In addition, you're going to prevent any potential injuries and sleep better." - Brian Wisely
  5. Consistency & Recovery- "You have to consistently put your body in an environment which you're wanting it to adapt to. I suggest you schedule your physical activities just like we schedule the rest of our lives." - Brian Wisely


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