The Battle In Laguna Beach

The Battle in Laguna Beach CA

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Oh hey there, September, where the heck did you come from?

Although summer is not officially over until September 22nd school starts Monday in Laguna Beach.

Your Laguna Beach CA chiropractors as well as you all, welcome a new term, a fresh start and wave goodbye to our beloved summer season.

Hopefully, for you and yours, it was filled with all the quintessential elements that make summer, summer.

Camping, barbeques, sandy sheets, sunburn, concerts, you fill in the blank.

Today isn't certain in Laguna Beach

But today, we stand on the edge of new territory, oddly familiar, yet not certain.

Each new day can bring unique challenges, joys and responsibilities never known before.

We step forward in life a mixed bag of emotions, passions and desires.

A beloved professor of mine once said "we are all walking civil wars".

One part of us is fighting for what we know is good and right, progressing us deeper into our purpose.

But we are often confronted with fear, stress, injury and a multiplicity of factors that seek to cripple us from being our best, or true selves.

In light of that I wanted to introduce to you our friend Brittany.

Her story is one of hope, courage and determination.

If you find yourself in the midst of calamity, heartache or sorrow, let this story inspire you. If you're feeling great and life couldn't be better, let this story warm your heart.

There is hope for tomorrow even when many say it can't be done.


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