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Since 1987, we have helped thousands of patients restore their health with long-term results! It is our joy to empower, equip, and partner with our patients in order to help others reach their health goals and be restored to the life they want to live.

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Chiropractic Laguna Beach CA Chuck Patterson Testimonial

"To Dr. “G” Health in Balance: Thanks for always keeping me Strong and Healthy when I’m pushing the limits.

- Chuck Patterson

Here is what he has to say about Health in Balance and the healthcare he has received over the past two decades:

“Fantastic...Hall of Fame baby!"

- Skipper Carillo (the ball player)

Chiropractor Laguna Beach CA Gary Arthur With Skipper Carrillo

"I came to Health In Balance in June of 2010 with severe migraines, visual disturbances, extreme pressure and pain in my neck, shoulders and back of my head. My family doctor could only offer me prescriptions to my symptoms, like migraine meds, Vicodin and muscle relaxers. Dr. Gary and Health In Balance staff gave me care right away to relieve my pain. When migraines continued to persist, Dr Gary recommended we go deeper in research and have an MRI. We discovered four bulging discs in my neck and I immediately began the Non-Surgical Spinal Rehabilitation System. We have since tailored my treatment to meet my specifics needs, I have been both pain and migraine free!"

- Merissa G.

"You will feel completely taken care of when you are treated by Dr. Gary Arthur. His staff is highly skilled and thoroughly trained. Dr. Gary does a complete workup to determine the cause of your problem. He then works on you in a holistic way using several techniques to address your issues. He understands nutrition and will work with you to find the appropriate supplements and the appropriate amounts for you using applied kinesiology. He also helps with food allergies and diet. He is something of a wizard. My husband had been diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome. An illness for which there is no cure. Dr. Gary determined that he had a gluten allergy and he is completely cured. I have gone to Dr. Gary over the years for headaches and back pain and I always walk away feeling better. Most of all you feel the love when you’re there. It’s a special place. I highly recommend it to anyone."

- Diane B.

"Dear Gary, For over twenty years I have had back problems and pain to the extent that I was given injections of Lidocaine and Novocain. I have suffered from migraine headaches and was taking up to 500 milligrams of aspirin daily. I was also diagnosed with bursitis in the left shoulder. The pain was advanced to the point I could not move my left arm above my head. After 5 weeks of treatment, my shoulder has a 95% range of motion and virtually no pain. My back has drastically improved and twenty years of migraines that no doctor or MRI could figure out are gone. I haven’t felt this good in many years. I owe it all to you."

- Don H.

"Dr. G. Love - Not only is he a great guy, he’s helped me in recovering from a pretty major back issue. Everyone there is SUPER nice and a pleasure to deal with. Love this place!"

- Tripp M.


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