It's Healin' Time: Get Your Health in Balance - Workshop

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It's Healin' Time: Get Your Health in Balance - Workshop
Wednesday, April 24th @ 6:30pm

Discover Your Path to Wellness: Join Our New Patient Workshop!

This workshop is designed for all of our new patients. If you recently began your care, we will provide you with the information needed to get the BEST results from your treatment here.

We encourage new patients to bring their support system (i.e. parent, partner, friend) with them to gain the knowledge needed to support them, including at home trigger point techniques.

If you have not begun care, but you are interested in what we do and how it might benefit you, you are also welcome to come!

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Demystify Chiropractic: Gain a clear understanding of chiropractic care, its principles, and how it can benefit your specific needs.
  • Unlock the Secrets to Pain Relief: Learn about common pain triggers and discover non-invasive, drug-free approaches to finding lasting relief.
  • Optimize Your Posture and Spine, Optimize Your Life: Explore the crucial role your posture and nervous system plays in overall health and learn practical tips for maintaining spinal health and function.
  • Ask the Experts: Get your questions answered by our experienced chiropractors in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
  • Meet Your Wellness Team: Get to know our dedicated staff and experience the positive atmosphere of our clinic firsthand.


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