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Eating for Hormonal Health Workshop
Wednesday, May 1st @ 6:30PM

Feeling frazzled? Foggy-headed? Do your hormones seem to be running amok? You're not alone! Millions grapple with hormonal imbalances, leading to a cascade of frustrating issues - weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and sleep problems. But what if the key to feeling vibrant again was on your plate?

Join us for our eye-opening "Eating for Hormonal Health" workshop! Bree Simon, DACM, L.Ac will unveil the surprising connection between your diet and hormone production. The workshop will include:

  • Organic Dishes from the Farm- food made fresh by Dr. Bree from Bluebird Canyon Farms located in Laguna Beach. Dr. Bree will provide healthy, fresh and organic dishes to be offered at the event.
  • Organic produce from Bluebird Canyon Farms will be available for purchase at the event including: fresh sourdough bread, lettuce, edible herbal bouquets and more!!
  • 45 minute lecture will be provided on all things herbs and hormones according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Topics include:

  • Background on hormones and hormone imbalances according to TCM
  • TCM understanding and diagnosis related to major hormonal issues
  • TCM herbs for major hormonal issues
  • TCM herbs and food recommendations for menstruation and menopause
  • General diet and Lifestyle tips for hormone regulation

This workshop is more than just information overload. We'll equip you with actionable strategies and delicious recipes to transform your diet and reclaim hormonal control. Imagine waking up with renewed energy, feeling sharper throughout the day, and embracing a more balanced mood. It's all within reach with the power of the right food choices!

Don't wait any longer to take charge of your hormonal health. Sign up for our "Eating for Hormonal Health" workshop today and invest in your vibrant, well-balanced future!


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