Discovering The Root Causes Of Sciatica In Laguna Beach

Discovering the Root Causes of Sciatica In Laguna Beach CA

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Pain can be elusive and we wonder where it comes from and how long it will stay. It keeps us from doing the things we love, and we simply want it to go away! With the beautiful weather we are experiencing, we want you to be out enjoying the activities you love, feeling vibrant and free! We are here to help if there is any pain getting in the way of you experiencing the quality of life you desire.

One cause of pain that plagues many is Sciatica in Laguna Beach CA. Do you experience pain, numbness, or tingling in one or both of your legs, the hip and pelvis area, or low back? This could be due to Sciatica, which is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, running from the pelvis, through the hip and buttocks area, and then down the back of each leg. When the nerve is inflamed due to compression and excess pressure, pain radiates throughout the course of the nerve.

What can cause Sciatica in Laguna Beach

Compression of the sciatic nerve can be caused by structural issues including vertebral or sacroiliac subluxation (misalignment of vertebrae or pelvic bones), disc herniation, disc bulges, or inflammation of the piriformis muscle. The misalignment of spinal structure and the inflammation of muscles places pressure on the sciatic nerve creating mild to extreme pain. These problems are often associated with a lack of movement in the Sacroiliac joint, commonly called the SI joint, which is the biggest joint in the body. Often times the SI joint can become stuck due to a past trauma, and the scar tissue resulting from the injury creates a lack of movement. What happens when the body experiences injury is this: the body enters into the repair stage five days after the incident and lays down scar tissue around the joint for the next 12 weeks, causing the movement and rotation in the joint to diminish if proper care is not taken. When this joint doesn't move as it should, it will cause other muscles to overstretch. In an attempt to protect themselves from being stretched beyond capacity, these muscles will go into spasm. This then places further pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica can also be related to chemical and emotional challenges. Inflammation of the GI tract due to parasites, allergies, and other digestive issues can put pressure back on the sciatic nerve. Stress can also cause muscles to tighten in the low back, shoulders, and neck areas creating structural misalignment eventually affecting the sciatic nerve. It is important to dive deep and discover the structural, chemical, emotional, or electromagnetic components that may be causing Sciatica.

The most important thing to do when dealing with sciatica is to diagnose the root cause of the problem and then create a plan of care from there. With cases of Sciatica, we perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying issue, and then we combine physical therapies, massage therapies, spinal decompression, gentle adjusting, stretches, exercises, and nutritional therapy in a uniquely designed protocol to diminish the pressure on the sciatic nerve and relieve the pain!

We want to see you enjoying an active and abundant life!


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