Benefits Of IV Nutritional Therapy- Lunch with the Doc #5 In Laguna Beach

Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy
Lunch with the Doc #5 in Laguna Beach CA

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June gloom.

I've swept you away with my broom

I was about to rename you June-uary

But today I am feeling a bit more merry

Because the sun has come out to play

making this whole thing sound a bit cliche.

I've been thinking about publishing that one, but I thought I would run it by you guys first to get some good constructive criticism going.

Just kidding.

But really.

I'm thinking about leaving my desk job and taking up the life of a roaming, nomadic lyricist. They will call me the Sojourning Poet. Thoughts?

Anyway, yesterday was beautiful, and the weekend is looking fantastic. Fathers day, high 70's, fun waves and lots of beach time hopefully. I'm believing it is a prophetic vignette of the summer season to come.

Warm nights, long days, sunburns (aloe vera), camping trips, surf sessions, vacations, barbecues, good music, ___________. You fill in the blank.

With the summer season often comes thoughts of self-image. Some are quite physically content while others are far from excited about their physique. Thoughts can run through our heads like a hamster on a wheel.

"How's my butt looking?"

"Man, I wish my arms were toned."

"I wish I looked like that."

"I wish I had her metabolism."

"If only I could lose that extra 10 pounds."

These thoughts can be as numerous and endless as the sand. We can often lose ourselves in the abyss of self-loathing and longing.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With summer just around the corner, we would like to lend a helping hand to those of you who can't find an answer, who may be stuck in an ever uphill battle of weight loss in Laguna Beach CA.

If you simply can't get to the ideal weight, that ideal tone, that ideal image.

We would like to help you get there.

In fact, we know we can.


We're ready to get to the root of what's holding you back from achieving your weight and health goals. Current research shows that YOUR GENES PLAY A MASSIVE ROLE IN YOUR BODY COMPOSITION AND FAT PERCENTAGE.

We are excited to announce that through affordable genetic testing, we are able to pinpoint your exact genetic type and prescribe the optimal diet and exercise routine that will get you up to 3X BETTER RESULTS than any other conventional approach.

This is big!

So next Wednesday night, June 21st we will be hosting our inaugural Genetic Weight loss event, 'Lose the Weight, Summers Looking Great'.

We're fired up about this new service and look forward to the transformation and victory that will come about in so many lives because of it.

I want to let you know that spaces will be limited so make sure to click the link below and reserve your space ASAP.

With that said, here is a lunch with the Doc from a couple weeks past where Dr. G talked about exercise, weight loss, and workout routines.



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