10 Tips For A Healthy Holiday In Laguna Beach

10 Tips For A Healthy Holiday in Laguna Beach CA

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Some people say that the average American gains 10 pounds during all the Holiday festivities. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes it can feel that way.
Cornells's Food & Brand Lab research showed that people's weight went up 1.3 pounds on average during the Christmas season. Now times that by 10 YEARS... THAT'S AN EXTRA 13 POUNDS!!!

Gaining weight can affect you emotionally and physically. Have you ever had that day where those jeans were a bit tighter? Instantly it affects your mood, you become depressed and don't really feel like working out. All you wanna do is grab a huge bag of chips, pour a glass of red wine, and flip on a classic movie.

How we feel about ourselves and our body is extremely important to us at Health in Balance. Our main goal here is to help each person enjoy a flourishing and healthy quality of life. Check out our latest Lunch with the Doc in Laguna Beach CA to get 10 quick Healthy Holiday Tips to stay balanced & stress-free, keep away the bugs, walk-in moderation, and maintain your figure throughout the season!

10 Tips For The Holidays  in Laguna Beach CA

  1. Decrease Stress- The holidays can be a busy time and sometimes stress rises as we spend money on Christmas shopping and gather with relatives. Find tools to confront these stressors such as keeping a journal, taking time for reflection and solitude, creating a budget, having honest conversations of reconciliation, and simply taking deep breaths.
  2. Increase Sleep- Sleep is vital for health and immune strength. Try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.
  3. Stay Hydrated- This helps to cleanse the body of toxins and germs. If you are planning to celebrate the holidays with a few glasses of wine or your favorite mixed drinks, make sure to hydrate before and in between drinks. This will keep the headache away the next day!
  4. Balance Your Blood Sugar- With all the desserts we are offered throughout the holidays, it is important to be conscious of our blood sugar levels. It is very tough on our bodies when we allow our blood sugar to spike and crash. This can happen when we eat sugar, but there are things we can do to level out our blood sugar. When you are planning to have dessert, make sure to eat some form of protein before or with your dessert. Stay away from refined sugars and try to use healthier forms of sweetener in your baking, such as honey, molasses, coconut sugar, sucanat, stevia, or monk extract.
  5. Get Regular Exercise- Working out helps pump the lymphatic and blood system, which moving antibodies to areas of the body where the bugs tend to live. Keep yourself from those holiday colds by boosting your immune system with regular exercise.
  6. Get Body Work- If you carry stress in your mid-back and neck, this influences the area of the nervous system that affects your immune- therapy, chiropractic, and massage will help decrease stress and boost immunity.
  7. Try IV Nutritional Therapy- IF you feel yourself on the verge of getting sick, a cold buster IV is a quick and effective way to wipe out the sickness before it gets you down! IVs are packed with nutrients for immune strength and specific solutions to kill pathogens on contact.
  8. Let Your Food Be Your Medicine- The food we eat can be our greatest tool for wellness. Here are some healthy food to implement in your cooking throughout the holidays.
    • Garlic- Garlic kills bacteria. Roast for 20 mins to make a yummy spread.
    • Organic Eggs- Contains B-12, which boots energy and strengthens the immune system
    • Pumpkin Seeds- Contain zinc, which stimulates white blood cell production
    • Raw Yogurt- The live probiotics promote a healthy gut.
    • Citrus Fruits- A great source of Vitamin C, which is a powerful immunity booster, can also take Vitamin C supplements or low sugar Vitamin C drinks.
    • Decrease Caffeine & Alcohol- These increase body acidity. Try drinking Alkaline water to restore a proper pH to your body.
  9. Enjoy The Sun- Getting regular vitamin D improves health. Get 15 minutes a day of natural sunlight exposure in order to stimulate the nervous system.
  10. Be Grateful- Gratitude has been found to improve health and well being. Studies show that the attitude of gratitude helps to lower blood pressure, improve immune function, facilitate more efficient sleep, reduce depression, enhance self-care, and benefit the overall quality of life. Take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for and you will see the benefits!

We are happy to share these tips from our doctors and healthcare team at Health in Balance Integrative Medicine!


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