Victory Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to some of our patients share their own health success stories...

Howard, a past patient at Health in Balance, had a recent flare up of extreme low back pain. He came in for treatment, and after four days, went from a level of 9-10 pain(excruciating) to a 0 (no pain)! It is our joy to be a part of healing and victory in other's lives.


Summer shares her story of recovering from cancer through integrative cancer therapy and High Dose Vitamin C IVs.

This is Brittany. She is a good friend and patient here at Health in Balance. She has a miraculous story of recover and victory.


After experiencing breathing problems and anxiety, Pete visited Health in Balance. After a few sessions of Neuro-Emotional Technique and supplementation, his symptoms completely went away! He found freedom.

Stephanie was suffering from constant sickness and fatigue. She came to health in balance and within 2 months, is feeling 100% better. She has energy after work and hasn't gotten sick since! What a victory! Health and Balance, is a family owned, integrated medical facility in Laguna Beach, CA lead by Dr.'s Gary and Lisa Arthur since 1987.
I came to Health In Balance in June of 2010 with severe migraines, visual disturbances, extreme pressure and pain in my neck, shoulders and back of my head. My family doctor could only offer me prescriptions to my symptoms, like migraine meds, Vicodin and muscle relaxers. Dr. Gary and Health In Balance staff gave me care right away to relieve my pain. When migraines continued to persist, Dr Gary recommended we go deeper in research and have an MRI. We discovered four bulging discs in my neck and I immediately began the Non-Surgical Spinal Rehabilitation System. We have since tailored my treatment to meet my specifics needs, I have been both pain and migraine free!
— Merissa Gaplin, 31

Heidi Baker, CEO of IRIS global, Christian missionary, and international speaker, tells her story of receiving treatment at Health in Balance and recovering from long term neck pain!

Ever since Giorgio Gomez started taking supplements and doing NET, he has seen improvements in his performance and health! He recently just had huge win at The Pan American Surf!

None of his doctors could determine what was causing his debilitating stomach pain. He couldn't eat, he was losing weight, and ultimately losing hope. He finally came in to Health in Balance, and through holistic care, supplementation, and mind-body Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), his life was turned around!

Jay Grant describes his relationship with Dr. Gary and how he has been helped by the team at Health in Balance.

Rick has seen incredible results on a consistent IV Nutritional Therapy program! We are happy to partner with you and see you achieve your health goals, to infinity and beyond!

You will feel completely taken care of when you are treated by Dr. Gary Arthur. His staff is highly skilled and thoroughly trained. Dr. Gary does a complete work up to determine the cause of your problem. He then works on you in a holistic way using several techniques to address your issues. He understands nutrition and will work with you to find the appropriate supplements and the appropriate amounts for you using applied kinesiology. He also helps with food allergies, and diet. He is something of a wizard. My husband had been diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome. An illness for which there is no cure. Dr. Gary determined that he had a gluten allergy and he is completely cured. I have gone to Dr. Gary over the years for headaches and back pain and I always walk away feeling better. Most of all you feel the love when you’re there. It’s a special place. I highly recommend it to anyone.
— Diane B.

Professional athlete, Chuck Patterson tells the story of his journey towards healing with Health in Balance. Dr. Gary Arthur and his team were able to help him recover from several injuries and get back out in the water! 

Emily Norton is a wife and a mother of two. After having children and surgeries, all she was left with, was pain, depleted nutrients, and no energy. She came to Health and Balance and left with her life restored!


Victoria Skarman shares her story of overcoming excruciating rib pain. Through treatment at Health in Balance, she went from a level 9 pain to a 1 or 2 (on a scale of 1-10). She has expanded her treatment to care for her whole body in order to stay healthy for the long run.


Izzy Gomez, a patient here at Health in Balance, has been working with us now for the last two years. She is a professional Stand Up Paddle (SUP) surfer, world class short boarder, aspiring big wave surfer and RedBull athlete. We recently got to sit down with her and get a little glimpse into her routine that has allowed her to gain that unfair advantage in the water, propelling her to the top of the ranks in the SUP world.

Ricardo reveals how treatment and supplementation finally treated ongoing coughing and health challenges that no primary care doctor could solve.

Dear Gary, For over twenty years I have had back problems and pain to the extent that I was given injections of Lidocaine and Novocain. I have suffered from migraine headaches and was taking up to 500 milligrams of aspirin daily. I was also diagnosed with bursitis in the left shoulder. The pain was advanced to the point I could not move my left arm above my head. After 5 weeks of treatment, my shoulder has a 95% range of motion and virtually no pain. My back has drastically improved and twenty years of migraines that no doctor or MRI could figure out are gone. I haven’t felt this good in many years. I owe it all to you.
— Don H.

Miss Jody talks about her two week health turn around of the holidays of 2017.

Maryna's story of restoration and healing at Health in Balance.

Lee Iacocca and Dr. Gary

Lee Iacocca and Dr. Gary

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression took my chronic pain away in a few short visits. Prior to treatment, I had severe leg pain and limited mobility which had come on very suddenly for no apparent reason. I would highly recommend anyone with back, leg or neck pain to give it a try. I was initially skeptical and frankly shocked how quickly the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression system with Dr. Arthur improved the quality of my daily life
— Lee Iacocca, Age 86

Gena Barney began her journey of healing with Health In Balance in 2011.  Click on Gina's video to hear her uplifting story of how Dr. Gary and the rest of the staff at Health In Balance helped Gena take back control of her own health and wellness.

Rad, a longtime patient here at HIB, talks us through his health journey, his setbacks, frustrations and how HIB took him from ruin to health again. Check it out!

Anita Dobbs- BEST.jpg
“THANK YOU!!! That thanks has so many dimensions... I suppose the primary thanks is for what an incredible doctor/healer/chiropractor/mumbo=jumbo expert you are. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone in my entire life has helped me as much as you have, in so many aspects of my life. Physically, you have done what no other practitioner was able to do – make me pain free. That’s a huge statement, because as you remember, I had basically been in pain since high school when my whiplash was never properly treated.
But you treated not just the neck – as well as my short leg and scoliosis- you treated my whole self. You treated my whole self with your expertise, your love, your amazing mumbo-jumbo of east/west modalities, your acute perceptions about my emotional make-up and your ability to discuss that with me. You made me believe I could be pain-free.
At some point in our time together, you told me to go home and write about it being OK for me to be pain free. That’s powerful stuff. It’s powerful that you knew that’s what I needed to do. It’s powerful that you were able to talk to me about that, and convince me to follow your directions, It’s powerful that these words, along with your multi-dimensional work, are a large part of who I am today.
I want to also thank you for making your office, your employees, and your friendship a safe place for me. Everyone there gave me love and understanding as I went through the confusion of healing in so many dimensions. When I was coming to you as a patient, I knew the experience was something extraordinary, but I don’t think I realized just how extraordinary the whole gestalt was until it was over, and with the distance of time, I have been able to better reflect on it. You and your crew have blessed my life. “
— Anita Dobbs
To Dr. “G” Health in Balance: Thanks for always keeping me Strong and Healthy when I’m pushing the limits. 
— Chuck Patterson
Skipper Carrillo with Dr. Gary Arthur.  Here is what he has to say about Health in Balance and the healthcare he has received over the past two decades:

Skipper Carrillo with Dr. Gary Arthur.

Here is what he has to say about Health in Balance and the healthcare he has received over the past two decades:

Fantastic...Hall of Fame baby!
— Skipper Carillo (the ball player)
Michael started coming to Health in Balance when he was getting tingling down his arm. Dr. Gary discovered that he had a major injury from a car crash at a young age. Through continued treatment and commitment, he started seeing the improvements in his body and his pain being relieved.
Joanne describes how she was able to recover from knee injuries as well as improve her overall health. With the help of the doctors and team at Health in Balance along with her own commitment and hard work, she was able to walk more freely, lose weight, improve her nutrition, and feel a greater sense of overall health!
I came to see Dr. Gary as a last ditch effort for my overall decreasing body agility. I had become increasingly tired and stiff with a sciatic problem over a period of eight years with the last three years getting worse. I could not pinpoint any area: low back, left shoulder, left leg. I had also seen a traditional chiropractor previously with no change. I had even tried martial arts hoping that this would strengthen my torso. No change! I was impressed by the complete exam I received from Dr. Gary, which told me I had a curvature of my spine. Little by little he introduced me to the complete approach of structural, chemical and emotional components of health. We utilized the wholistic approach for my treatments; my health, mental and physical, began to change drastically and we became partners in my health recovery. It has been educational and enlightening. I am still in awe as to how the various approaches can remedy the emotional component of one’s health. It is measurable. I never knew that a wholistic approach would be so freeing!
— Leigh B.

Discover how Brad got rid of stomach pain and lost 15 pounds through his treatment at Health in Balance.

Kelsey shares her story of healing from SIBO and digestive challenges. After her care at Health in Balance, she is able to eat without pain!

When I came into Health In Balance, I was in pretty severe pain in my neck and shoulders, my numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. I had been experiencing this for months on this level, however for the last several years it was painful but not as bad. I’ve tried other massage and chiropractic, but at Health In Balance, I really experienced the most relief and progress in healing. I was very ecstatic about not having to do surgery for my protruding/ herniated discs. I started feeling relief immediately with the specific treatments for my condition. There was no pain with these treatments- only sweet relief. Love the decompression machine and the DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator). Staff is amazingly intuitive, knowledgeable and intelligent with all the modalities, and more than I expected!
— Anne Huisman, 53

Carita shares her story of healing from severe low back pain through her treatments with Health in Balance. Through treatment, she felt like she could dance again!

Jeannie recovers from years of stomach pain and digestive challenges. She is ecstatic about her recovery and she feels like a new person! This is an inspiring story for us all!
Dear Gary, Over two years ago my wife and I were planning for our dream vacation. My neck problem had been very difficult over the last year and a half and we had to cancel all our vacations over that period of time. I came within days of having surgery. I first came to your office on a recommendation. Thanks to your special care and home program, I have improved dramatically in just two and half months. I have improved to the point where my wife and I were able to take our trip to Chile and experience one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our dream was made possible by you.
— Mo T.

Nicole Warne-McGraw has been a patient at Health In Balance since 1999. This video is her story of how Health In Balance helped her take back control of her health!

David got treatment here at Health in Balance after a severe surfing injury. He describes the treatment he received and how our integrative approach helped him recover, feel better, and surf again!
Dr. G. Love - Not only is he a great guy, he’s helped me in recovering from a pretty major back issue. Everyone there is SUPER nice and a pleasure to deal with. Love this place!
— Tripp M.

Juliane has a story that is inspiring for us all! May you be encouraged that it is never too late to care for and improve your health.

Laurie tells her story as a mother concerned for her children's health. Her daughter recovered from night terrors and several sport's related injuries, and her son recovered from anxiety through nutritional counseling. Conventional medicine was not able to improve these challenges, but her children enjoyed fresh health through natural treatments at Health in Balance!
I just starting going to Health In Balance and they are great. Dr. Gary has been working with me. Everyone that works here is extremely nice and friendly. They all seem to enjoy what they do, which makes for a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. What I especially like about Health In Balance is that everyone is very knowledgeable and is able to explain what is going on and how to resolve it in a way that is very easy to understand. I got a massage here as well and it was great. I liked my massage therapist (her name started with a K and sounded like Nadia...I’m bad with names). I have had a very pleasant experience here so far. If you are having chiropractic problems I recommend trying this place.
— Allison L.
Richard came to Health in Balance with several neck and back pain issues after already having several surgeries in both areas. He came in for relief care and has benefitted from treatment. He has learned a lot about preventative care and healthy nutritional choices.
After a year of dealing with intense pain in my neck and shoulder and having spent hours and money doing acupuncture, cupping and spa massages in various places someone referred me to Health and Balance. In a very short time, the team here literally saved me from being in pain and discomfort to feeling like my old self. For a year before I went to Health and Balance I couldn’t extend my arm or move my neck side to side and now I can play tennis, swim and my level of pain went from a 10 to 0! The doctors also helped me with nutritional advice and supplements which was an added bonus and helped me lose weight that had been bothering me. Everyone there is extremely nice and helpful. I can’t say enough good things!
— Susanne E.