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Lunch with the Doc is a casual and fun forum for relevant health issues and topics. We partner with local restaurants, not only to talk health, but to highlight good food in town. We provide content for those wanting to improve their health and relieve pain. We discuss solutions for a wide range of health concerns and symptoms. Providing you with expert insight for reaching your health goals in a healthy, natural, and effective way. We update this page weekly with the latest episodes.

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What you MUST know about Arthrits


The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Relieve Pain


How Home Care Improves Healing


How 4 Professional Soccer Players Bounced Back After Injuries


Leading a Balanced & Healthy Life


The Power of an Adjustment for Immune Function


Blood Sugar Regulation & Herbalicious Steak Marinade


How Social Interaction Improves Health


Top 10 Foods for Brain Health


Mo’s Marvelous Matcha Mystery Revealed


How Dr. G Healed from a Disc Herniation


Why Walking is Revolutionary for Your Wellness


Why Good Posture is Vital for Health


What to expect in the healing process


Why Detox can be Dangerous & How to Do it Well


Dr. G’s Desert Detox


Community Appreciation Day Recap


How to Actually Accomplish Your New Years Resolutions


Q & A with Dr. Gary Arthur, DC, ND


How to relieve pain using the pressure wave machine


christmas baking with mamma lisa


5 tips why GRATITUDE improves your health & quality of life 10 Tips of how you can stay healthy during the holidays


10 Tips of how you can stay healthy during the holidays


Mamma Lisa’s Thanksgiving Tips and recipes




Why consistency trumps intensity in fitness


WHat causes shoulder pain and two ways to relieve the pain Why consistency trumps intensity in fitness


When EXERCISE and weight training become harmful


The body was designed to heal itself Mamma Lisa’s Thanksgiving Tips and recipes


How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Focused this School Year


5 Secrets to a Strong and Healthy Immune System


Poor Posture Can Decrease Your Life Span


Ketogenic Cooking with Dr. Lisa: Fat Bombs


Research Proves the Powerful Benefits of NET


A Quick and Easy Ketogenic Treat


How to Relieve Pain Through Graston Technique


Reducing Medications through Natural Solutions


Centered living through mindfulness, meditation, and neurofeedback With Lori Kahn


(Part 2)Centered living through mindfulness, meditation, and neurofeedback with Lori Kahn


GG's Bistro and Tom Hale - Ice Water races and GLuten free Dishes


Hobies Laguna Beach with Jackson Christie and Dr. G


Are emotions effecting your health? Dr. Gary Arthur, DC explains.


Health Benefits of Yoga with Yoga Works


Why choose an integrative approach with Dr. G


Over the Counter Meds with Rachelle Rodriguez, FNP


Valentines Day WIth Dr. Gary and DR. lisa


genetic weight loss


Turning Failure into Motivation

There is a man known as "America's greatest inventor." However, when taking a closer look at his life, we see that he is also one of America's greatest failures. Who is this man? And what can he teach us about life and health?


Liver Detox

The liver has over 500 functions in the body, it is constantly filtering out toxins and chemicals that are entering our system. Dr. Lisa shares some practical and helpful information to help you on your journey to optimal health. 1/17/2018

New Years Resolutions

Do you ever wonder what it will take to actually accomplish those lofty goals you write down on a piece of paper on the first of the January every year. Loose 20 lbs, read more books, eat more vegetables, climb more mountains, start a side business? Dr. Gary shares some wisdom on how to attain and achieve those goals. Enjoy! 1/10/2018 

Shoulder Pain and Recovery

Serious shoulder injuries are no walk in the park, they can hinder us
for months, if not years, if corrective action isn't taken. Surgery, in most
cases is not the only option, the possibility to heal without going under
the knife is sometimes the better path. 12/20/2017

Roots Beauty - How Healthy are your Skin Products?

Many of the products we use on a daily basis are filled with harmful chemicals that are detrimental to our well being and health.        Dr. Lisa and Morea head over to Roots - A non-toxic cosmetic shop to learn more about healthy alternatives to make-up, sunscreen, deodorant and so forth. Check it out! 12/6/17

Whiplash  #3

The conclusion of our whiplash series 3/3.


Whiplash - #2

Recovering from Whiplash and Auto Accidents.


Whiplash - #1

Why car accidents so detrimental? How can you prevent whiplash? Dr. Gary Arthur, DC has some answers for you today on Lunch with the Doc! 11/8/17

The Work of Health

Being healthy takes discipline, it takes work. With thirty years of helping patients achieve their health goals, Dr. G sheds some wisdom on what it takes to get to those goals. We have to be active and disciplined to get there. Special guest Pastor Jeff Tacklind and Greg Sowle join in on the conversation. 10/25/2017

Cooking with Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used in a variety of ways. Many know the benefit to our health through aromatherapy and topical application, but not all are familiar with their cooking benefits. In this episode of Lunch with the Doc we team of with Doterra specialist Tarana to discuss all of the healthy ways to incorporate essential oils into your cooking routines. 11/1/2017

Supplements and MInerals

Why do minerals benefit our bodies? Should we take fish oils? Dr. Gary Arthur, DC will be talking about supplementation. 10/4/2017


Lunch with the Doc today on Arthritis. Dr. Gary Arthur, DC describes the different types of Arthritis and what you can do to help prevent and treat the condition. 10/18/2017

Generosity Generates Health

How are generosity and health related? Chuck Patterson joins us today on Lunch with the Doc. Him and Dr. Gary Arthur, DC discuss healthy living through a generous life. 9/13/2017

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup

How do you make Dr. Lisa's famous Chicken Tortilla Soup? Dr. Lisa takes us behind the scenes to give you the insider scoop on one of her most famous dishes. 9/27/2017

how to erase Neck and back pain

Learn 7 steps you can implement to relieve neck and back pain! Today on Lunch with the Doc here at Coyote Grill, we are sharing Dr. G's secrets to healthy posture and pain free living. 8/30/2017

Zone meals at home

How to make a quick and healthy lunch. Dr. Gary Arthur, DC and Dr. David Alapag, DC discuss the importance of eating in the zone with a balanced meal. 9/6/2017

homemade bone broth

How to make tasty, gut healthy bone broth on Lunch with the Doc! Learn Mamma Lisa and Dr. G's secrets to home made meals for optimal health! 8/9/2017


Why is inflammation so detrimental to your health? Inflammation is at the root of many health challenges today. Dr. Gary Arthur, DC dives into this secret killer and what can be done to stop it from radically affecting your life.  8/28/2017

Dr. David ALapag, DC

How does one end up becoming a chiropractor? What is Chiropractic? Dr. Gary Arthur, DC and and Dr. David Alapag discuss at Taco Loco in Laguna Beach on 7/26/2017

Knee Pain

Every wonder why your knee bothers you so much? Or how to fix your knee sensitivity or pain? Dr. Gary Arthur, DC discusses the importance of knee health, how to take care of them, train them and ultimately how to increase longevity. 8/2/2017


Let's talk about Gratitude. Lunch with the Doc is joined by a very special guest, Mr. Dave Tosti. What happens to our brain chemistry when we practice gratitude? Check it out to find out the mental benefits of being thankful. 7/12/2017

Electromagnetic issues

Ever wonder why people worry about cell phone use, how acupuncture works, what EMFs are, and what role electromagnetic plays in health? Dr. Gary speaks. 7/19/2017

Sports Performance with DR. J

On this episode of Lunch with the Doc, Dr. Jordan Martin, DC talks about the importance of body care in relation to sports. As an athlete himself, Jordan knows what it takes to give you that unfair advantage on the court. He discusses rehab, exercise, flexibility and nutrition. 6/21/2017

Emotions and health

Dr. Gary and family for lunch with the Doc at the Rooftop! He is sharing about how emotions can affect health and mind-body medicine with NET. 6/28/2017

Disc Issues

Dr. Gary Arthur has been treating patients for 30 years and has seen many cases of low back pain and disc issues. In this series of Lunch with the Doc at La Siren , he discusses the reasons why this is such a widespread issue, the causes of the symptoms, and tips for prevention, pain-relief, and long term restoration. 6/7/2017

Stem Cells

In this Lunch with the Doc series, Dr. Gary Arthur discusses why Stem Cell Therapy is so successful. Find out how to improve osteoarthritis, decrease joint pain without surgery, relieve shoulder issues, and find lasting relief. Discover an effective solution for degeneration and pain! 6/14/2017


Digestion and Biochemistry

In this Lunch with the Doc series, Dr. Gary Arthur shares his expertise in nutrition and follows up after Dr. Marcela Dominguez's talk on decreasing cancer risk. He discusses the following: How do you determine what nutrients you are deficient in? How can lab tests can give you insight into living your healthiest life? What role does inflammation play in your health? How well is your digestive system functioning? 5/24/2017

Homemade PEsto with Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa is sharing her raw, fresh pesto sauce recipe... a special treat. 5/31/2017

Exercise and weight loss

Every wonder what it will take to get that extra 10 lbs. cut? How much does diet play into my weight, how much should I workout, what types of workouts should I do. Dr. G answers these and more. 5/3/2017

Cancer Prevention

Health in Balance's Medical Director, Dr. Marcella Dominguez talking about cancer, how it happens and how to prevent it. 5/17/2017


We are at Wahoo's discussing autoimmunity- its causes and what can be done to limit its effects. 4/12/2017

Gardening and Compost

Dr. Gary Arthur, DC takes us inside his home to unlock some gardening tips. Compost is a vital component to any garden growing nutritious and healthy vegetables. He also shows us how to make a quick, healthy and easy lunch. 4/19/2017

IV Nutritional Therapy

Lunch and conversation with our Nurse Practitioner, Rachelle discussing her story and the importance IV Nutritional Therapy and integrative medicine. 3/29/2017

Homemade Kombucha

In this weeks,"Lunch with the Doc", Morea and Ryah take you home to Dr. Momma Lisa's kitchen where she is preparing her famous and healthy salad with homemade dressing and sharing her Kombucha recipe and sharing some of the kombucha benefits. Hang out with us while we have fun with kombucha tea making. 4/5/2017

The Genesis

All great enterprises and endeavors begin somewhere. Dr. Gary Arthur, DC takes us back to the beginnings of his health story and the journey that eventually lead to the creation of Health in Balance. Health in Balance has grown and changed over the years and now incorporates a variety of health disciples to give patients the very best. First aired 3/8/2017

Overcoming OBstacles

Dr. G talking about living a healthy lifestyle and overcoming the obstacles in the way. Lunch at one of our favorite spots, Thai Bros! 3/15/2017