Why Ridding the World of Pain is a Bad Idea

Hi Friends!

Here is an interesting question for you to ponder: Why Do We Need Pain?

Pain is FRUSTRATING, right?
Don’t you wish we could just rid the world of all pain?
No more back pain, headaches, aching knees, sore throats, or upset stomachs.
Not to mention broken hearts and painful tears.

A world with no pain… that sounds like a dream come true!
Wouldn’t that solve everything?

… well not necessarily. It’s actually not the best idea to get rid of pain,
because pain serves an important purpose.

It is a messenger.
It tells us something we need to hear.

Think about when you put your hand on something hot.
Pain is the signal that says, “hey! you are going to burn your skin, take your hand away!”
If it weren’t for the pain, you would get severely burnt.

Pain reveals to us that there is something harmful going on.
It is a warning sign.
It begs for our attention with good reason.

And it is often our bodies last resort to get our attention. 
If you ask a dentist how long it takes for a cavity to cause pain, 
they will say that it can take years, even 10-20, before the decay actually causes pain.

It is the same with most pain in the body. 
The dysfunction occurs first, and then pain arises years down the road. 
(Unless of course, it is an acute injury, which causes instant pain).

So, if you are experiencing pain, it means there is an issue that has
gotten to the point where it really needs your attention. 

If we respond to pain, it can be a faithful friend...
who tells us the hard truth when need to hear it.

It’s just like when someone tells you that your shirt is stained-
Yes, it may be uncomfortable in the moment,
but you are thankful for being made aware so you can clean up quick and avoid further embarrassment!

On the other hand, if we ignore pain’s cry, it can be a lingering enemy.
If we don’t seek to find a solution to the pain, it won’t let up.
It will continue to express its message, but with a louder and louder voice.
Not only will we feel the effects of the pain,
but whatever is causing the pain will continue to worsen,
and greater dysfunction will follow.

For example, if your knee is in pain, your body is telling you something's not right...
possibly the joint isn’t tracking correctly,
meaning the bones and ligaments are rubbing together wrongly.
This will lead to degeneration and osteoarthritis over time,
leading to more pain and a knee that hardly works.
Pain signals a deeper dysfunction that requires attention.

For you, it could be a pain in the knee, hip, low back, shoulder, neck, or possibly recurring headaches, stomach pain, daily fatigue, etc.
Whatever form your pain takes, it is saying something.

Let us listen to our pain.
Let us heed the advice of an important messenger.

It may be time for you to stop and listen. To avoid further damage and take steps toward a solution.

Those steps could include stretching, drinking more water, exercising, or changing up your diet.
But, the most important step is to determine what the pain is pointing towards. 
At Health in Balance, we focus on finding the root cause
of symptoms rather than covering up the pain.
Our evaluations look at the body as a whole to
determine the stressors that are blocking healing in the body. 

It may be your time for an evaluation. 
Whether you are a patient who hasn’t seen our doctors for a few years, 
or have never been into our practice, 
a fresh evaluation could be the best next step towards your solution.

We listen to your pain with you and seek out its underlying cause.
We provide you with a plan to not only relieve that pain, but fix its root.
As a result, you are able to avoid further damage and
begin doing what you love again without that lingering pain.

It’s not the best idea to rid the world of all pain because it is carries a needed message.
A message that leads us to positive change and relief if we will only listen. 

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More information on our initial evaluation process HERE.


Pain serves a purpose. It is a messenger letting you know there is dysfunction that needs your attention. Will you listen or will you ignore it's cry?

Avoid further damage by listening to your pain. Schedule an evaluation with our doctors to determine the underlying causes of your pain and find a solution for long-term relief!