Autoimmunity- Lunch with the Doc # 6

The 4th of July.

A day of potency, weightiness, freedom, meaning and hope.

And now… welcome back to work or whatever it is you are jumping back into after a holiday.

To help you with your transition back to reality, let me present to you Dr. Gary at Wahoo’s discussing Autoimmunity.

This subject itself is weighty, for a multitude across the world suffer from its affects on their bodies.

Dr. Gary himself has struggled with bouts of autoimmune issues over the years making this subject a very real and important issue.

Make sure to join us today for another Lunch with the Doc live at 12:30.

Monday we made the announcement of our Sports Performance workshop with Dr. Jordan Martin- "Gain an Unfair Advantage on the Court and in the Gym".

For all of you who love to walk, run, hike, surf, dunk, kick, golf, pitch, spike and stroke this workshop is for your. Dr. Jordan Martin will be walking us through important and vital steps to not only keep you healthy but increase your performance levels.