Our Fermented Foods Workshop

We had an amazing time at our Fermented Foods Workshop last night! Gut health is a fascinating topic to discuss and explore, and we can all benefit our health by gaining knowledge in this area.


The health of one's gut and digestive system is of huge importance for their overall health. It determines which if nutrients are actually being absorbed into the body in order to be used and it is a major hub of good bacteria which aid in immune function, detoxification, nutrient absorption, decreasing inflammation, neurotransmitters and vitamin production, utilizing carbohydrates and fat, etc. 

One significant step one can take in order to improve the health of the gut is to eat fermented foods. These foods are packed with good bacteria that add to the biome of our gut improving our health. At this workshop, we learned how to make Kombucha, a fermented tea! It is full of health benefits as well as being very tasty. 

We will be having more fermented foods workshops in the future, so stay posted for these events!

Below is some helpful information on Gut Health that we shared at the event. Enjoy!