Getting Well Faster with a Healthier Lifestyle

In order for you to get the best results possible and attain the health goals you desire in the shortest amount of time at the least expense, we have outlined some steps to success, called the “12 Excellent Wisdoms”, that can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help you achieve this goal.  These are all actions that get results.  You should move as quickly as you are comfortable with adopting these healthy lifestyle changes.

In the past, some patients have felt overwhelmed by all the things they feel they need to do and therefore, they often feel frustrated or guilty if they're not doing everything possible that they could do to get fastest results.  Therefore, this process is designed so that you can move at your own pace.  If you're already doing many of these things, I encourage you to incorporate the others so you can truly enjoy a healthier life!

The 12 Excellent Wisdoms of Keeping Your Health In Balance

1.Fix What’s Wrong - Take inventory, get examined, listen to your body, make a goal, take action and check your progress.  The Japanese term Kaizen means “positive incremental progress.”  To remodel your house (or your body), the work crew needs to show up on the job site consistently to make progress.  It takes time to finish the job. Be patient.

2.Drink Good Water – Drink ½ your body weight in oz. of H2O/Day.  Get and stay hydrated.  Good references: “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water”, “You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty!” by F. Batmanghlidj, M.D. Water helps decrease fatigue, increase energy, decrease cancer risk, decrease pain and inflamation and increase memory.

3.Control Your Blood Sugar  - Approximately 40% good carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, whole grains & brown rice) / 30% good proteins (fish, organic meats & fertile, free range eggs) / 30% good fats (olive oil and raw butter) Reference:  “A Week In The Zone” by Barry Sears, M.D. and “How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek.  Balanced eating gives you energy and makes you look and feel better, shed unwanted pounds (if needed), balances hormones and also works to avoid insulin resistance, which leads to adult onset diabetes.

4.Chew Your Food 50 Times Per Bite - Digestion starts in the mouth.  Saliva begins breaking food down before entering the stomach and intestines.  Your teeth should work like a blender.  Sit down while you eat.  One European clinic reports a decrease in 70% of reflux, heartburn and allergy sufferers from chewing their food and getting hydrated.

5.Eat Healthy Fats – No Hydrogenated, Partially Hydrogenated Fats, Shortening, Margarine or Deep Fried Foods! - Hydrogenated fats are hard to break down.  They have increased shelf life, but they shorten your life!  They lead to increased pain, inflammation, hormone imbalances and heart disease.  Remember, margarine is not a food - aspirin is not a vitamin!

6.Exercise & Flexibility - Do your stretches or yoga and move your body daily.  We have progressive stretches and exercises - Phases I, II and III for neck, low back, shoulder and knees.  Reference:  “Everyone Is An Athlete” by Phil Maffetone and “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek.  Available at

7.Rest/Sleep/Play - Even God rested on the 7th day!  Free up and have fun!  When it comes to sleep, experts still agree that 8 hours is best and some can do less.  Chinese Wisdom says that every hour before midnight that you sleep is worth two hours after.

8.Nourish, Cleanse and Detoxify Thyself – Remember to take your supplements.  Cleansing and detoxification programs are very important factors in healing as well as an excellent means of preventing disease and promoting good health.  The main organs of detoxification are the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph, liver and gall bladder.  We have state of the art nutritional supplements and detox releasing protocols that will help.

9.Keep your Acid/Alkaline PH Balanced, Avoid Chemicals, Diet Drinks, Preservatives. Your salivary or urinary ph can be determined easily with ph paper.  We have a good handout as well for balancing your ph.  Reference:  “Alkalinize or Die!” by Theodore Baroody.  Purchase organic fruits and vegetables if possible. (Check Farmers Market & Trader Joes)  Aspartame (NutraSweet) is a nerve toxin.  If you want more facts, get our handout “Diet Drink Anyone”.  Avoid MSG, nitrates and nitrites and other preservatives.  Preservatives like Formaldehyde preserve food and dead people.

10.Balance EMF’s - Beware of cell phones, computers, TV’s and microwaves.  Balance these heat producing electro magnetic field waves (EMFs) with a Biopro or similar magnet products to minimize the electromagnetic field stress that bombard us daily.  Would you like to put your head in a microwave and turn it on for a few minutes?  Something to think about…  Research shows increased tumor production and hormone imbalance.

11.Nervous System – Communication to and from Tissues and the Energy Flow of Acupuncture Meridians Make sure the power is on and stays on and balanced.  Your spine houses your nervous system.  Misalignments and decreased range of motion interferes with the nerve transmission and leads to increased pain and decreased function.

12.Make today a Masterpiece!  Plan Your Day and include Spiritual Centering  - Prayer/ Meditation/ Bible Reading/ Chi Gong Exercises  -   Seek first the kingdom.   Use various centering techniques.  Enjoy A Forgiven Past, A Grateful Present & A Positive Future.