Pathway Fit Test & Results Consultation

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Pathway Fit Test & Results Consultation

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Discover the best weight loss strategy for you based on your genetic profile. It's your year to be confident, vibrant, healthy, and fit!

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Take the Pathway Fit test and receive a results consultation to determine the best strategy for you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Through a simple genetic test (just taken from your saliva), you will receive crucial information for a successful weight loss strategy including:

  • most beneficial dietary plan for you
  • the most effective exercises for your body
  • habits inhibiting you from reaching your fitness goals
  • vitamins you are likely to be deficient in
  • and your best strategy to see up to 3X better results!

With this purchase, you receive

  • The Pathway Fit Test
  • Comprehensive Results
  • Lifestyle Consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis

Once you take the test, we will schedule your consultation here at Health in Balance!

For questions, feel free to give us a call at 949-497-2553