New Patients

Are you ready to move towards a healthy, active, energetic, and pain-free life!

It's time to get started!

WE BEGIN BY LISTENING to your desires and needs as an individual. What do you most want to change and improve about your health and body?  

Through a personalized examination process we DETERMINE THE CAUSES which may be creating your symptoms and we develop a working diagnosis. 

Then, as a doctor-patient team, we DEVELOP A STRATEGY to reduce your pain and correct the causes of the imbalance.  It is important that you are committed to and comfortable with the trial of therapy that we choose together. 

The next step is to TAKE ACTION.  Your will to succeed is the key.  If you follow through with the process and are consistent, you will open the door to a successful healing. 

Finally, we MONITOR the results of your progress and alter the strategy as needed.


Initial Steps

1: New Patient Form

Please take the time to download the New Patient Form to the right, and fill it out in detail so we can better understand your current symptoms, concerns and health goals (note that there are additional forms to complete if the New Patient was involved in an Auto Accident,  is a minor, or is a child under 5 years of age). This will enable the doctor to spend more time with you one on one, not in asking basic questions.  Bring in your completed form to our office on you 1st visit.

2: Your First Visit

When you come in to our office you'll notice some similarities to other doctor's offices. We hope you will also notice we've made an extra special effort to create an attractive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere for you. You'll be asked to fill out important paper work that tells us exactly the nature of any current health problems you may have now. This is your health history questionnaire. We are particularly interested in how you feel we may best care for you. Regardless of whether you're here because you have some pain or condition that needs immediate attention or whether you've come in to discuss prevention and maintenance, we have options that can help you.

The doctor or a member of our staff will introduce themselves and, when possible, give you a quick tour of the office and then your consultation will begin. We start by listening. We ask a lot of questions. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible concerning any past illnesses and accidents. It has been found that the most important information for a successful diagnosis comes from the health history.


Our care coordinator will review your New Patient Form and then meet with you for a personal consultation to discuss your detailed responses and get a sense of what your goals are. 

Medical Examination:

Our Nurse Practitioner will meet with you for an in-depth medical examination. She will take a further look at your health history and your current conditions in order to determine your initial diagnosis and see if our methods of health care are appropriate for your condition.

First Aid Care/Pain Relief may be given if you are in acute pain.

Then, if warranted, due to the severity of pain and initial diagnosis, x-rays will be taken.

Low dose X-ray:

X-rays may be needed to get a complete evaluation and diagnosis of your condition. This is determined on a case by case basis. We use low-dose radiology equipment for your protection.

MRI, CT-Scan or Lab Tests:

If further testing is needed, our doctors may refer you to receive an MRI, CT-scan, or laboratory testing.

3. Your Second Visit:

Integrative/Chiropractic Exam:

On your second visit, you will see one of our chiropractic doctors in order to receive a comprehensive chiropractic exam including pain, postural, and range of motion analysis as well as an integrative exam to determine the biochemical, emotional, and electromagnetic components of your health concerns. This comprehensive approach allows us to explore a wide range of possible causes of your symptoms in order provide a thorough diagnosis.

4. Your Third Visit:

After our team of professionals has met to review your case, discuss your diagnosis, and collaborate on the best treatment options for you, we will meet with you to review everything.

Report of findings:

For your Report of Findings, one of our doctors will:

 •Go over the results of your exam with you.

 •Show you your x-rays (if taken).

 •Explain your diagnosis.


The doctor will then discuss your treatment options for moving forward and helping you achieve your goals the most efficiently and cost effectively. We can provide you with Pain Relief Care and Corrective Care Plans. We invite your spouse or those involved in your health care decisions to join you.

5. Begin Your Plan of Care


If you clearly understand your case and diagnosis and are comfortable with the treatment recommendations, treatment will begin and continue as long as you keep making progress or until your health goals have been met.