Alkaline Water

We provide alkaline water for our patients and guests because of its significant benefits!

How It Works

At Health In Balance, we have an advanced water filtration system to produce ionized alkaline water. The ENAGIC water technology system is the industry gold standard. This advanced system uses filtration to pull out harmful chemicals & electrolysis to alter the molecular structure of the water to increase hydration & produce anti-oxidant qualities


Drinking alkaline water enhances the body’s natural abilities to detoxify itself. It can be used on a daily basis for regular water intake, or in conjunction with exercise. Some specific qualities of the water include:

  •     A healthier pH Balance
  •     Antioxidants
  •     Micro-clustered water to increase hydration 

Monthly Membership

We offer a monthly membership for guests and patients to be able to come and fill up their water jugs with alkaline water at any time during our office hours. Bring your the health benefits of alkaline water back home with you!

The membership is $25 a month, and we provide 1 gallon water jugs at our office for $12.

You can sign up at our facility or here:


*For more information on Kangen Water and its benefits, visit ENAGIC's website.