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Many people suffer from pain and health challenges that the conventional medical model doesn’t have a solution for. Through integrative medicine, we combine the best of many healthcare disciplines and natural practices to help people get to the root of the problem and find true, lasting restoration. Our patients are freed to enjoy the activities they love and live life to the fullest.

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"I came to Health In Balance in June of 2010 with severe migraines, visual disturbances, extreme pressure and pain in my neck, shoulders and back of my head. My family doctor could only offer me prescriptions to my symptoms, like migraine meds, Vicodin and muscle relaxers. Dr. Gary and Health In Balance staff gave me care right away to relieve my pain. When migraines continued to persist, Dr Gary recommended we go deeper in research and have an MRI. We discovered four bulging discs in my neck and I immediately began the Non-Surgical Spinal Rehabilitation System. We have since tailored my treatment to meet my specifics needs, I have been both pain and migraine free!" - Melissa G.

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