Medical Services


Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Therapies

We provide Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine to restore damaged joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. We utilize the highest performing and most pure Stem cell product on the market and combine it with PRP therapy as well. Treatment reduces pain and inflammation and promotes soft tissue and new cartilage growth. Treatment includes the stem cell injection into the joint(s) as well as after care and protocols.

  • For Symptoms Including: degenerative joints, osteoarthritis, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, back pain
  • Services: Stem Cell Injection into the joint space(s) and protocols for after-care
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IV Nutritional Therapy

Nourish your body with IV Nutritional Therapy! From hydration to immune support to detoxification, IV Nutritional Therapy promotes optimal health and caters to many different symptoms. It provides a way to administer nutrients directly into the bloodstream allowing for 100% absorption of all nutrients given. It works well with a healthy diet and oral supplementation program. Patients often have a quicker response to IV therapy in comparison to using oral products alone, due to commonly impaired gastrointestinal (GI) health and an inability to fully absorb nutrients. Enjoy the many benefits!


B-12 Shot

Vitamin B12 is a found most abundantly in foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and yogurt. It is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body. It is most commonly used for boosting energy, strengthening the immune system, improving concentration and memory in addition to preventing and treating certain medical disorders.


Trigger Point Injection Therapy

A trigger point injection (TPI) is an injection that is given directly into the trigger point for pain management. Trigger points are tight fibrous tissue filled with edema and scar tissue resulting from trauma, or micro-trauma to the muscles, resulting in pain that often radiates from the trigger point to the surrounding area. Our injections are non-steroidal, naturopathic anti-inflammatory injectables substances.


Joint Injections

Sometimes joints need some extra lubrication to help unlock and increase mobility thus helping alleviate pain and increase motion and function. We have a variety of things we can inject, including a non-steroidal injectable that is naturopathic and anti-inflammatory. We also have other restorative medicine injections that can aid in joint function and repair.

For arthritis specifically in the knees, we can use hyaluronic acid for joint fluid replacement which greatly helps alleviate the pain of arthritis, as well as in many cases, postpone the need for surgery.


Injury Treatment

When injuries occur, they often require medical evaluation and treatment. Our medical suite is staffed with a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. We also have onsite digital x-ray, as well as capability to draw labs onsite, or send out for the labs. We will provide options for both a naturopathic as well as conventional medical therapies as indicated for each individual injury. If after initial evaluation, the injury requires further care, we can order MRI’s or other diagnostic testing as well as refer to specialists if indicated.

  • Auto Accidents – Whiplash
  • Back pain or strains
  • Knee, shoulder, ankle sprains
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Insect bites
  • Allergic reactions

Migraine Treatment- SphenoCath

Migraines can greatly impact our daily schedule and overall quality of life. Headaches in general can be multi-factoral meaning that so many different things can trigger migraines, including lights, smells, foods, hormones, muscle tension, etc. We have a therapy called SphenoCath, which is an injection-free nerve block of the phenopalatine ganglion, which is the bundle of nerves that is responsible for sensation of all head and face pain. This treatment is effective for all forms of headaches, including tension and migraines, as well as face pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia.  It helps to reset the system and prevent reoccurring migraines. The treatment can be done when the patient is experiencing a migraine, which usually results in instant relief within the session. It can also be done in between migraines to help to stop a cascade of recurring migraines. Patients usually see the best results from having a series of sessions done.


School/Sports Physicals

We are happy to provide school/sports physicals for our students and athletes. These are performed by our Board Certified Family Practice Nurse Practitioner.

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Skin Disorder Treatment

Rashes can be bothersome and uncomfortable. Frequently rashes come as reactions to irritating or allergenic substances, or are a symptom of an allergic reaction to foods or medications. Other times, they are indicative of infections and illnesses. When accompanied by fever or nausea and vomiting, it generally indicates a more serious illness. 

  •     Cellulitis (skin infection)
  •     Dermatitis
  •     Hives
  •     Cold Sores
  •     Rash
  •     Warts
  •     Shingles
  •     Poison Oak & Ivy

Abdominal Pain Treatment

Abdominal pain can be the result of many things including infection, GI upset, functional issues like gall stones, constipation, heartburn or gastric reflux, appendicitis and many other things. We can provide the initial assessment, treat uncomplicated issues both naturopathically and conventionally as indicated, as well as provide orders for offsite ultrasound and CT as needed. We can refer you to a specialist or hospital for urgent or emergent situations.


Cold & Flu Treatment

Also known as the common cold, allergies, or the flu, upper respiratory symptoms are some of the most common illnesses we encounter in our daily lives, and often results in missed work or school. We can evaluate and treat most upper respiratory illnesses. In addition to prescriptions, as warranted, we highly recommend IV Therapy for upper respiratory illness, as it greatly diminishes symptoms and gets you feeling better faster.


Diagnostic Procedures

Nerve Testing

NCV/EMG’s or Nerve Conduction Velocity & Electromyography Testing is a diagnostic procedure to test the function of the nerves and muscles.  It measures how the nerves are functioning and if there are any impedances to the nervous impulses in the upper and/or lower extremities. The electromyography tests that the muscles are accurately receiving the nerve impulses from the nervous system.  This helps us in identifying if nerve pathways are being impinged, allowing us to customize your care to alleviate painful pinched nerves, or any burning tingling you may be experiencing in your extremities.

Vascular Testing

ABI or Aterial-Brachial Index is a non-invasive screening test we provide to ensure that your extremities are receiving adequate blood flow to the muscles. This screening test is indicated if there is tingling or pain radiating down one or more extremities, or if you are at high risk for vascular compromise.