IV Nutritional Therapy

Custom IVs with an Ocean View

How can you benefit?

Are you feeling fatigued, stressed, or depleted?
Have you been fighting off a cold or flu?
Suffering from chronic illness, cancer, or mold exposure?

Some of these symptoms are frustrating and get in the way of your schedule. Others are serious threats to your health. Most significantly, they keep you from doing the things you love and leading a flourishing, healthy life. But there is good news...

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IV Nutritional Therapy can help!

IV Therapy nourishes your body with the nutrients it needs for healing and restoration. It allows for 100% absorption as nutrients are administered directly into the bloodstream. This provides quick and effective results. 

We provide not only a wide array of IV formulas, but also customized IV’s catered to your individual health needs so that you can get the best results.

Many patients benefit from IV nutritional therapy, experiencing a decrease in their symptoms and a significant improvement in their overall health. We want to see the same for you!

Enjoy a healthy, energetic, and flourishing life!

What do our Patients Say?

Woke up this morning with a sore throat and called Health in Balance to see if they could get me in for the Cold Buster IV. Had an appt within 30 minutes and am here. Rachelle is amazing! I'm scared of needles and I didn't feel a thing. Sitting here with an Ocean View. Also found out that I am also getting a free foot detox with my IV. Going to get more toxins out. Can't say enough wonderful things about Health in Balance!!

- Kristie Hensley


Our IV Formulas

We have a variety of IVs to cater to your specific health needs and goals
Choose between a wide variety of IV formulas based on your symptoms and health goals.

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$80 / 60 min

Replenish and hydrate! For optimal health, each cell in our body needs proper hydration.

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Vitality & Wellness (Myer’s)

$100 / 30 min

Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health, energy, strength, and balance. Based off the Myer’s Easy formula.

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Immune Strength

$190 / 90 min

Looking to prevent sickness before a big trip or event? Trying to get over a sickness that won’t seem to go away? This IV supports optimal immune functioning.

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Cold Buster

$160 / 45 min

Fighting off the cold or flu? Argentyn Silver, included in the IV, kills all pathogens on contact. Boost your immune system and get well quick! 

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Basic $155/60 min

Premium $235/90 min

Cleanse and refresh your body! In order to lead a healthy life, we need to detox from the toxins bombarding us in our environment. 

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Hangover Relief

$185 / 90 min

Recovering from a night of celebration? Come on in and get what you need to hydrate and recover quickly.

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Stress Relief

Basic $160/90 min

Premium $250/2 hr

Are you feeling depleted and overworked? Relax and unwind with this IV to support balance, adrenal health, and total restoration.

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Performance Booster

$290 / 90 min

If you’re gearing up for a big athletic event, you want your body to be in tip top shape. Get the nutrients & vitamins to perform at your full potential. 

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Migraine/Headache Relief

$100 / 45 min

Suffering from continual headaches? Experiencing a bad migraine? Recover fast with nutrients to relieve and prevent your pain.

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Mood Elevation

$285 / 90 min

Feeling low and discouraged? This IV helps restore a balanced and uplifted emotional state.

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Chronic Fatigue

$245 / 120 min

We know how discouraging chronic fatigue can be. Restore your energy and sleep patterns so you can return to vibrant living.

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B-12 Nutrient Shot (Injection Therapy)

$25 / 5 min

Energize and reset with a B-12 shot!  It will help to boost energy, strengthen the immune system, improve concentration and memory in addition to preventing and treating certain medical disorders.


Glutathione IV

$75 / 30 mins

Glutathione is the substance the body creates to facilitate detoxification. Adding glutathione to IVs supports a healthy detox and can also help with vocal health.

Argentyn Silver IV

Basic $60 / 30 mins

Premium $120 / 60 mins

Argentyn silver kills pathogens on contact and helps support a healthy and strong immune system.


Add Ons

Prices of add ons vary depending on dosage.

  • Glutathione

  • Vitamin C

  • Argentyn Silver

  • Extra Hydration

  • Additional nutrients & vitamins


Integrative Cancer Therapy High Dose Vitamin C IVs

50 g $205 / 2 Hr

75 g $260 / 2 hr

Vitamin C is a powerful tool for those fighting cancer and chronic illness. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, supports immune strength, and helps in cellular regeneration and repair.

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Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Part of Rehabilitation Package

Support your journey towards a renewed life by repairing the damages of substance abuse and restoring vibrant health. This IV is specifically designed to restore proper neurotransmitter functioning and support proper detoxification.

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Pre & Post Surgery Care

$160 / 60 min

Replenish, hydrate and nourish your body before and after surgery. Strengthen your system pre-operation and bounce back quickly and give your body the necessary nutrients to recover well.


Customized IVs

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You are not cookie-cutter, and neither is your health. Your journey of health is unique to you! That is why we offer IVs catered to your specific needs. 

Nutrient Testing

The NutrEval blood test helps us determine the nutrients you are deficient in. We then create an individualized IV formula to replenish your body with the nutrients you need most.

Added Nutrients

We can also add nutrients to any of our IV formulas in order to boost your IV and provide the most beneficial IV for you!

You are in Good Hands

Initial Evaluation

Before we begin your IVs, our Nurse Practitioner will meet with you to take your vitals and help you determine which IVs will be best for your health situation.

G6PD Testing for Vitamin C Levels

In order to receive the higher doses of vitamin C in several IVs, you will need a G6PD test, which determines the possibility of a rare condition. This will ensure that you are suited for the vitamin C doses in certain IVs. We can provide this test on your first visit. We will draw blood in our facility to send off for testing. The test costs $14 and results in 6 days. Before receiving this test, we can modify any IV so that it is safe for all.

Packages & Discounts


5 IVs at 10% OFF

8 IVS at 15% OFF

1 Monthly IV at 5% off


These discount programs are available for purchase through prepayment, which is non-refundable. For monthly programs, there is a 3 month minimum commitment. It is the patient's responsibility to schedule and receive the purchased services within the allotted time frame.