IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy Benefits

IV Nutritional Therapy provides a way to administer nutrients directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy allows for 100% absorption of all nutrients given and works well with a healthy diet and oral supplementation program. Patients often have a quicker response to IV therapy in comparison to using oral products alone, due to commonly impaired gastrointestinal (GI) health and an inability to fully absorb nutrients.

Initial Evaluation

Before we begin your IVs, our Nurse Practitioner will meet with you to take your vitals and determine which IVs will be best for your health situation.

G6PD Testing for Vitamin C Levels

In order to receive the higher doses of vitamin C in several IVs, you will need a G6PD test, which determines the possibility of a rare condition. This will ensure that you are suited for the vitamin C doses in certain IVs. We can provide this test on your first visit. We will draw blood in our facility to send off for testing. The test costs $14 and results in 6 days. Before receiving this test, we can modify any IV so that it is safe for all.

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