Health in Balance Ambassadors


Chuck Patterson

Professional Action Sports Athlete and Stuntman

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“I had a bad injury, where I was kinda pushing the limits. Pulled into a barrel stand up paddling, had an issue and fell, went up and over the falls and ended up landing square on my back. Well, I was very fortunate that I didn’t break my neck. But I knew it was very serious. As soon as I came home, my first phone call was to Health in Balance. I know that I have the best treatment here, and as an athlete you gotta go with the best if you are going to have a good outcome. For me, it was seeing Dr. Gary knowing I could trust him with getting the best treatment and as fast as possible... That was huge for me to have someone like him there to comfort me and help educate me, and at the same time knowing that we are on the road to progression and the end result is to be fixed.”     - Chuck Patterson


Jeff Booth

Professional Surfer


Hans HagEn

Professional Surfer

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George Bryan

Professional Skimboarder

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Ken Norton

World Champion Boxer