Health in Balance Ambassadors

over the last thirty years, Health in balance has treated some of the greatest athelets in the world. From Gold Medalists to big wave surfers, we have helped the very best stay fit, overcome injury and perform at the highest level possible.


Chuck Patterson

Professional Action Sports Athlete and Stuntman

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“I had a bad injury, where I was kinda pushing the limits. Pulled into a barrel stand up paddling, had an issue and fell, went up and over the falls and ended up landing square on my back. Well, I was very fortunate that I didn’t break my neck. But I knew it was very serious. As soon as I came home, my first phone call was to Health in Balance. I know that I have the best treatment here, and as an athlete you gotta go with the best if you are going to have a good outcome. For me, it was seeing Dr. Gary knowing I could trust him with getting the best treatment and as fast as possible... That was huge for me to have someone like him there to comfort me and help educate me, and at the same time knowing that we are on the road to progression and the end result is to be fixed.”     - Chuck Patterson


Dain Blanton

Gold Medalist - 2000 Summer Olympics in Beach Volleyball

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Jeff Booth

Professional Surfer

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Hans HagEn

Professional Surfer

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"Dr. Gary Arthur & Health in Balance Team,

Thank you for knowing exactly what to do to keep the body in surfing function! 

Hans Hagen '08"

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George Bryan

Professional Skimboarder

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Izzi Gomez

Professional Stand Up Paddle Surfer

3 APP Surf World Titles

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"Since I have been coming in for treatment, I learned that I had a lot of injuries that I had no idea existed. The team here at Health in Balance pointed those things out and got everything in check. Finally, I got to start traveling again! As long as you put in some time on your end, your body will be where it's supposed to be."


Nic Von Rupp

Professional Surfer

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"Every time I'm in California, I make sure I get my yearly check up at Health in Balance. I put my 100% trust in Dr. Lisa and Dr. Gary as every time I go see them, they always point me into the right direction to give me the treatment and care I need. Thanks for everything!"

-Nic Von Rupp


Ken Norton

World Champion Boxer

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Photo Reads: "To Dr. Gary, Thanks, Ken Norton"


Karch Kiraly

Gold Metal Olympic Volleyball player

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Mark Eaton

NBA Basketball player - 1982-1993

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Jim Everett

NFL Quarterback - Rams

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Shannon Falcone

Professional Sailor

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Jackie Silva

Professional Beach Volleyball Player -Olympic Gold Medal 1996

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Leon Wood

Professional Basketball Player- NBA, Olympic Gold Medalist 1984

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Gail Castro

Professional Beach Volleyball Player

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Well-Known Ambassadors

Lee Iacocca

American Automobile Executive

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“Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression took my chronic pain away in a few short visits. Prior to treatment, I had severe leg pain and limited mobility which had come on very suddenly for no apparent reason. I would highly recommend anyone with back, leg or neck pain to give it a try. I was initially skeptical and frankly shocked how quickly the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression system with Dr. Arthur improved the quality of my daily life”. – Lee Iacocca, Age 86


Heidi Baker

Christian Missionary & Leader of IRIS Global humanitarian organization

Heidi Baker.jpg

“I’ve been here with Dr. Gary for a week, and it’s been amazing. I came in with so much pain, 10 years of pain, and I just lost a little bit of hope. The surgeon said you can’t go to a chiropractor, nothing natural, you will just have more problems. And I came, and I feel hope rising and the pain is 95% gone. I am blessed beyond blessed. Thank you to everyone. Fantastic team! I have just been undone. I have just been so touched. My body feels totally different than when I came in. I have been suffering a lot with my neck and my back. I’ve been traveling around the world and just trying to get through it. I felt like the Lord told me to cancel my flight back to Mozambique and to come here. I am so thrilled about it. Some of my best friends told me, “you have to go see Dr. Gary; he just has an incredible gift.” Gary and his team are full of what I call “anointing.” They know how to bring you into a place of healing. You should come here.” – Heidi Baker


Kenny Loggins

Singer-Songwriter / Musician

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Marc Ford

Professional Guitarist and Musician



Skipper Carillo

Laguna’s Favorite Baseball Player

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