What is causing shoulder pain, and two practical ways to reduce it!

If you are reading this article...

Either you are experiencing shoulder pain and want to get rid of it,


you don’t have shoulder pain, and you want to keep it that way!

In any case, you have come to the right place! No one likes it when pain holds them back from the things they love like surfing or playing with their kids. Maybe you have an old shoulder injury that makes it difficult to lift heavy weights, or your shoulder has recently been acting up making it difficult to fall asleep.

We know how discouraging this can be. Thankfully, there are practical things you can do to help to relieve the pain. Gary Arthur, DC has treated thousands of athletes and patients all experiencing shoulder pain. He has worked with each individual to determine the cause of the pain and restore proper functioning.

Today, he wants to share these tools with you! In the video below, Dr. Gary provides information to help you understand what is causing the discomfort and gives you two practical ways to relieve the pain on your own. Once you implement these into your life, they will help lessen the pain, prevent future injuries, and allow you to engage in the activities you enjoy!

Check it out…

These practical solutions will point you in the right direction for healing up those shoulders! For some cases, however, these exercises will provide the best results when coupled with individualized treatment.

If you have a hunch that this may be true for your shoulder pain, we would love to invite you in for a complimentary consultation to provide you with recommendations for the best plan of action.