Why gratitude can change your life with Dr. Gary Arthur, DC and Dave Tosti

Do you have a proverb, adage, motto or axiom you live by?

Or perhaps multiple?

Most likely you do.

For some reason those specific words captured and spoke
to us at one time or another.

There is something undeniably particular about them.

They become trusted and sacred wisdom that can have a tremendous
impact on the trajectory of our lives.


They can guide us when we are lost, galvanize us when we are sluggish,
ignite a passion within our soul that had been absent or simply provide
sound understanding we had been lacking.


At the same time, there are similar sayings that we love and hold close
but don’t carry as much weight.

We may become calloused to their potency by our familiarity.

One of these that comes to my mind is, “attitude of gratitude”.

I (Ryah) have listened to multiple people speak to the importance of being
thankful and the guaranteed mental shift that comes with changing our
perspective to one of thankfulness.


I have sought to consistently apply it and utilize it.
Overtime however, it began to loose some of its dynamic power and robust application.


Dr. Gary, DC recently decided it would be a fun to talk about this idea on
Lunch with the Doc. We were walking down the street to eat at a local
restaurant on Ocean Ave and to our dismay it was closed so we turned
around and walked across the street to Laguna Sushi.

Just as we were walking up one of our bestest friends, Mr. Dave Tosti
appeared in his black Countryman Mini coup, rolls down his window
and greets us.

There was no other option than for him to park his car, eat lunch with
us and talk about the importance and beauty of gratitude.
It was a wonderful lunch and a great reminder to live a life of recognition,
thanks and gratefulness.

Check out the video below. Enjoy!