Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy- Lunch with the Doc #5

Growth is apart of life.

We can either inhibit it or cultivate it.

Stagnate or generate.

Sometimes it is painful (think pruning), other times it is exciting and wondrous.

We can push into it or run from it. It can be scary and unfamiliar but most likely necessary.

Over the years Health in Balance has grown.

Our vision has expanded, the desire to help our community enlarged.

The vision began as a dream which eventually manifested as reality.

That transition took dedication, hard work and faith.

Taking steps into unfamiliar frontiers requires strength and courage, intelligence and grit.

Several years ago, we as a Health in Balance team dreamed of serving Laguna Beach and the surrounding communities to a far greater degree.

Knowing that patients benefit from a variety of approaches to health, we decided to bring multiple different disciplines under one roof.

We chose integration.

We partnered with a medical director, and brought on a nurse practitioner.

Each with unique and specialized training, which provide our patients with a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

In this Lunch with the Doc series from a few weeks ago, we sat down with our nurse practitioner, Rachelle. It was wonderful to hear her story and her insight on IV Nutritional therapy and all it’s benefits.

We took her out to Sapphire pantry on Brooks st. for a Pantry Burger and garlic fries.

Every Wednesday at 12:30 we go live with a new Lunch with the Doc. Today we will be at La Sirena in South Laguna and Dr. Gary will be talking about disc issues and ways to improve your disc health.