Gluten Free Pizza- Lunch with the Doc #2

You know.

You know you know. Maybe not consciously, but certainly subconsciously.

You experience it, see it and feel it.

We, as Americans, are bombarded by it.

The average American is exposed to, according to the current research,

anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day.

That's a pretty hefty number.

Maybe you didn’t know that stat, maybe you did, but somehow this

doesn't come as a shock, or maybe it does.

Everyday, we as consumers are constantly blitzed and besieged with

new campaigns and commercials.

Sometimes good, often bad. Marketers are always looking for new and

creative ways to grab, attract and hold our attention.

Hence the dilemma.

As a health team, our existence is founded on our patients. Our motive is rooted

in the healing of our family, friends and community.

Our desire is to see all live and enjoy the fullness of health.

We seek to provide, curate and produce content that supplements

and encourages you on your journey to optimal health.

At the same time we know you can’t give yourself to every email,

commercial or Facebook ad.

If you're like me, you have become somewhat callous and

immune to the constant bombardment.

We mute the TV commercials if we’re watching a game.

We go through emails and delete, delete, delete. Unsubscribe here, unsubscribe there.

Too much clutter. Too much content.

Who has the time or the attention span.

Yet, in the midst of the cacophony, sometimes you can

pick out the melodic note that actually soothes you.

More often than not, there is actually something worthy of our time.

An article will blow us away. An email will inspire.
A well crafted product we can get behind.

There are certain companies that have built relationships with us,
have partnered with us.

You can name these people. You can point out these brands.
You talk about these companies.

Their values are strong, their agendas are progressive, their initiatives are sustainable.

Innovators like Patagonia.

Rebels like Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Luminaries like Donald Miller.

These are the companies and people I want to hear from, whose emails I actually open.

We at Health in Balance seek to be such a voice.

We do what we do because we value and appreciate you and see you as partners in the broader endeavor of a healthier world and populace.


Here is a fresh Lunch with the Doc from a couple weeks past.

Dr. Gary dives into gluten free pizza and compost. (Great combo, right?)

We were live again today with Dr. Marcela at Active Culture. She shared some amazing information from her expertise on cancer prevention and treatment. Check it out on the Facebook page or in a future blog post.

I hope you enjoy!

To your flourishing,

Health in Balance