Jump Start Your Immune System


With Fall on the horizon and school starting back up for the kids, it’s an important time to keep your immune system strong. Why wait to get sick when you can prevent illness. Here are some tips to lead you in the right direction:

Decrease stress- Keep a journal or find tools to confront the main stressors in your life.

Increase sleep – get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night

Keep hydrated – This helps to carry away toxins and germs from your body

Regular Exercise – Helps pump the lymphatic and blood system thus moving antibodies to areas of the body where the bugs live

Get Body Work – if you carry stress in your mid back and neck, this influences the area of nervous system that affects your immune system- therapy, chiropractic, and massage will help

Dietary Tips:

·       Garlic kills bacteria – Roast for 20 min it makes a yummy spread

·       B12 boosts energy while sick by keeping healthy red blood cells- Organic eggs

·       Vitamin C citrus drinks are great as long there is no added sugar

·       Zinc stimulates WBC production- Pumpkin seeds

·       Remove caffeine/alcohol which increases body acidity. Check with pH paper daily.

·       Raw yogurt/acidophilus/colostrums keeps a healthy gut

·       No white refined sugar - invaders feed off sugar environments.

·       Vitamin D - 15 minutes a day of natural sunlight stimulates the nervous system


Given the proper environment, our body is designed to heal itself naturally. You choices can make a change, so take charge!