The Body Was Designed to Heal Itself

The Body Was Designed to Heal Itself

The power that made your body heals your body. For example, if you cut your finger it bleeds, a scab forms and it heals. Did you know your body makes 2.5 million red blood cells every second and 250,000 white blood cells every second?  There are 50 to 75 trillion cells in a human’s body and the nervous system controls is the master control system of them all. A single neuron can handle as many as 833 impulses per second. Your liver performs over 657 known functions simultaneously without you even being aware of them.

The Miracle

In my opinion, the biggest miracle of all is that each one of us started out as only two cells, one from mom and one from dad. Through a miraculous process your body’s innate intelligence and incredible healing power formed this incredible masterpiece…you! What an incredible body we have. All these processes and functions and systems work together harmoniously to keep our health in balance. That is the design, that is what is normal, that is what is natural.

The Key to Health

Then the key to staying healthy, now, becomes simple. As long as we work along the laws of nature our bodies will heal themselves naturally. However, there is one main element that interferes with our body’s ability to heal itself. 

Stress Kills

That interference is stress. Stress kills! Dr. Hans Seyle was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing how stress interferes with our body’s ability to heal. We are all familiar with…

  • EMOTIONAL STRESS: divorce, relationship stress, deaths, financial & job stress, unforgiveness, worry, anger, fear, depression, and indecision.

  • STRUCTURAL STRESS: acute injuries, accidents, old injuries and the scar tissue that remains, arthritic degenerativejoints, chronic pain, stiffness, excessive exercise, surgeries and subluxations of the spine and other joints.

  • BIOCHEMICAL STRESSORS: illness, infection, allergies, alcohol & drug abuse, irregular hormonal cycles, digestive disorders, inflammation, toxicity overload and dehydration. 

  • ENERGETIC STRESSORS: poor sleep quality & quantity, over work, meridian energy imbalance, nerve interference, computer and cell phone usage (EMF stress).

We must decrease the stressors so our bodies can heal!

The Solution: Decrease the Stress

The accumulative effects of these stressors in the four governing systems are what interfere with your body’s ability to heal itself. And if these stressors continue, your health will deteriorate causing more pain, discomfort, and frustration. Your symptoms will continue to interfere with your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. However, we have found a solution that has worked for thousands of people. We discover underlying causes that are causing the symptoms and decrease these stressors through appropriate treatments in order to allow natural healing to occur.

Restored to a Flourishing Life

Your health is restored as you bring balance between your structural, emotional, biochemical, and energetic systems. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain relief

  • Improved energy and vitality

  • Enhanced quality of life

  • A younger and more vibrant appearance as you get your glow back

  • A greater ability to enjoy the activities you love, ie. hiking, volleyball, surfing, biking, yoga, dancing, basketball, tennis, pilates, and of course.. love sports.

This is accomplished by making healthy lifestyles choices and receiving the logical care you need. The process is easy- all it takes is a goal, a plan, a course of action, and commitment.

Start Your Healing Journey!

Our team at Health in Balance is here to walk with you through this process until completion. Through our integrative approach, we combine doctors and practitioners with a broad range of specialties to care for each of the body's systems and tend to the broad range of stressors that compromise health. This model allows us to treat your whole being, restoring health holistically and unleashing your body’s own ability to heal itself.

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