Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty from the Inside Out...

was amazing event we hosted in May! It was a night to remember: we enjoyed wine and cheese on our outdoor balcony overlooking the ocean, and then we meandered inside for a presentation and discussion on the toxins in beauty products. After, Dr. Lisa helped each guest evaluate several of the beauty products they brought along. She used applied kinesiology to determine whether the products had a positive or negative effect on their bodies, and then they were given the opportunity to try samples of new products from ROOTs the Beauty Underground!

Check out some intriguing facts about beauty products today:



After hearing all the toxins that are present in many of our cosmetics today, you will most likely desire to change up your products as our guests did! The good news is that there are places like ROOTs that are committed to providing us with high quality, non-toxic cosmetics that we can use instead. We don't have to give up quality and performance in order to go natural!

Along with changing up our products, it is important that we detoxify our bodies in order to flush out toxins and restore our bodies to a place of health. If our bodies are constantly trying to deal with the internal toxins, they won't have the energy left to repair damaged cells and proteins. It is this process of restoration that will keep us looking young and beautiful! Thus, we need to take two steps:

  • change up our products
  • detoxify our bodies in order to fully release that natural beauty that we all carry.

At Health in Balance, we will help you in these processes. Our doctors will come alongside you in determining which products are affecting your health. Then you will be able to switch our those products for natural choices- at places like ROOTs. For detoxification, we provide many services to help the body flush toxins and be restored to a state in which it can focus its energy on repair and overall health! We have an Ionic Detox Foot Bath that utilizes the magnetic field and charged ions in order to pull the toxins in our bodies out through our feet. We also have a Detoxification IV that allows for many detoxifying nutrients to be administered straight into the bloodstream allowing for quick and effective absorption into the body. Along with these services, we create detoxification programs for our patients based on their specific food allergies and nutritional needs.

It's time for you to fully enjoy your natural beauty in health, wisdom, and freedom!

Join us for our next Beauty Night! 

Information for the event will be posted on our website as well as other upcoming events and workshops.



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